• New "My Little Pony Friends" Music Video is Out of Sync, We need to Let Them Know

    Yesterday we posted up a video of the new Equestria Gitls song "My Little Pony Friends".  As was noted on the post, the vocals and background instrumental are completely out of sync. It was also posted in mono. While loads of you like anything with a pony on it and from the comments had no idea at all (which is normal even in brony music :P ), we would like to see a fixed version instead.

    Daniel Ingram is recommending we drop a comment on the video itself requesting a re-upload with the vocal fixed.  As the creator of the piece, he's pretty worried you are all downloading a bad copy. That's never fun.

    So, go do that.  Hopefully we will see it swapped around with one that is properly synced soon!

    Update: Looks like Mike Vogel is on it!