• Stay Brony My Friends Charity with Maddy Peters

    After raising over $700 for the Alzheimer's Association, Dusty and friends are back once again with another guest and another charity to help out! This time around we've got Maddy Peters, the voice of Scootaloo, asking for donations to the Because I Am A Girl Fundraiser.

    Curious as to how you can participate? Check on after the break for instructions how and some information on the Because I Am A Girl Fundraiser. Let's work to make this one a success as well everyone!

    Dang it's hot! Like 8 centuries of unrelenting heat!!! What are you doing Princess Celestia! STAPH!
    It may be 100 degrees here in San Horse' but Stay Brony My Friends still brings you HOT guests like Maddy Peters who joined us to discuss our favorite CMC Scootaloo! She's not "your favorite CMC"? Tough cookies, cuz Scoots gonna bring the tough filly attitude!

    We chatted about her roles on Madeline, and of course her great work both acting and singing as Scootaloo. Make sure you catch the YouTube replay later this week!
    Maddy's charity is the "Because I am a Girl" fundraiser. I'll let Maddy tell you in her own words why she supports this worthy cause:

    "As a girl in Canada, I enjoy the same rights and opportunities that boys do. I have the chance to get an excellent education and a successful career. I am keenly aware, however, that not all girls share these rights and opportunities. Girls in developing countries have less of a chance of getting a good education and a good job than boys do, and for no other reason than that they're girls. By that I mean that they experience things like strict gender norms and early marriage and pregnancy -- things that make it almost impossible to go to school, which in turn makes getting a job much more difficult, making it even harder to escape the cycle of poverty."

    "Because I am a Girl strives to provide educational and career opportunities for girls in developing countries by removing the obstacles that stand in their way. That's why I want to raise money to help their goals become reality. As a girl, I empathize with the girls in developing countries who want so desperately to get an education. We can all, as people, regardless of gender, empathize with these people whose obstacles seem insurmountable. Donate to Because I am a Girl, and you can take some of those obstacles away."
    We raised 700 dollars for this charity when Michelle Creber was with us before so lets beat that total for Scootaloo! With a good push on this one Stay Brony My Friends as a show will break 40,000 dollars raised across all charities!

    Thank you all once again for helping out these deserving charities and showing the world that Bronies can be a force for good!

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