• Discussion: Aliens Arrive in Equestria. What do you Show Them?

    I bet we know more about Equestria than a lot of your every-day ponyvillians at this point thanks to how much we have analyzed the hell out of it.  Good thing too! You just happen to be a pony livving in Equestria today, and a species of intelligent extraterrestrial lifeforms has landed in your backyard.  They want to see something that sets this world apart from everything else. Turns out they are pretty bored of their spacefaring lives. 

    Your mission is to pick something that you have seen in the show that you think they would find interesting about the pony race! Want to show them how amazing your favorite princess is? Go introduce them! Want to give them a tour of Canterlot? Go for it!

    Hit those comments up.  Thanks to Brendan for the suggestion.