• Everfree Northwest Cosplay Contest and Early Badge Pick Up Reminder

    With only a few days left Everfree Northwest is here to release a reminder about picking up your badge early and the cosplay contest as well!

    Check after the break so you are prepared to get your badge and beat the crowds at EFNW!

    Are you preparing for the Everfree Northwest Costume Contest? Taking part in the traditional Con Crunch? We wish you luck that you finish your costume on time and we can’t wait to see you strut your stuff on stage! But we’re sure you want some more details. To get into the Everfree Northwest Costume Contest we will need you to register! Registration for the costume contest will be in the same area as Badge Registration. We will have a staff pony there waiting to sign you up for the contest so it’ll be easy to find! From there you will choose which category depending on your age: Foal for the little ones 13 and under, and Pony for the older ones 14 and up!

    Costume Contest Registration will be during regular Badge Registration hours (including Pre-Registration on Thursday!) but it will end 2 and a half hours before the Costume Contest. (10:30am on Saturday) so get registered quickly!

    Not quite sure what to prepare for on stage? Both categories will have 4 winners! Remember that the costume isn’t necessarily everything, it’s also your stage presence!
    The Silliest
    The Cutest
    The Scariest
    And finally, Best in Show!

    We are also proud to announce that each winner of the Pony category (14 and up) will receive a gift certificate from Mythril Wigs! Mythril Wigs is a new Western Canadian cosplay, costume, and fashion wig brand, and a proud supporter of Everfree Northwest! Thank you for your generosity Mythril Wigs! Please visit their facebook page – www.facebook.com/MythrilWigs
    Last, but not least, we want to see EVERYPONY’S costume! Be sure to join us for the Costume Photoshoot in the Courtyard on Friday @ 1pm (after the Opening Ceremonies), Saturday @ 3:15pm (right after the Costume Contest!), and Sunday @ 11am! That’s right! We have a Costume Photoshoot EVERYDAY for those of you who like to wear more than one costume!

    Everfree Northwest would also like to remind everyone that our early badge pickup for pre-registered attendees on Thursday July 3rd will be from 3pm to 8pm Pacific. Only those who have already pre-registered for the convention will be able to pick up their badges on Thursday.
    Registration will open each day of the convention at 8am and will continue until 8pm on Friday and Saturday and until 4pm on Sunday.

    Work on those costumes everypony, and we can’t wait to see you at Everfree Northwest 2014!

    Twitter: Calpain