• Nightly Roundup #1000

    Tonight is the big night everyone! When I took over the Roundups going on two years ago I had no idea we would come this far or that I'd still be around for that matter. I'm very glad to say that things are still going strong both in the fandom and here at EqD and we have you all to thank for that! Will we see a Roundup #2000? At the rate the fandom is going we just might.

    As for tonight's banner, we owe this cute little thing to Serenawyr! See how many blog ponies you can recognize! Now onto the news.

    Tonight's Stories

    The Cutie Mark Allocation Agency - Audio Reading

    How about nice story before bed guys? Got another one of these audio books for you all!

    Happy 1000th Roundup Cake

    Delicious cake for a special Roundup!

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Glasgow Bronies Meet up

    Here are two images of the biggest meet we had; the premiere for season 4, it's strange to see it then and now, it was a glorious day, fun was had and laughter was shared. I've kept my train ticket to this very day (Also attached). I thought that seeing as we forgot to get a photo for last weeks meet up, that for the 1000th Nightly Roundup we could post probably the greatest meet up that we've ever had. This train ticket has a lot more sentimental value than any merch i own, and i own A LOT! of merch. :3

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    MLP CCG Introduction Day + Sealed Deck Beginner Tournament in Munich

    We will host an Introduction Day for the MLP CCG in Munich on 12.07.2014. We want to introduce new people to the game and help beginners to understand the game. We will meet at 12am (12Uhr) at the FUNtainment München and start with an introduction to the rules, as well as some demonstration games. Then we're going to have a Sealed Deck tournament. The entrance fee will be 20€ and you'll get a starter deck of your choice (just go for the best pony if you want) and two additional booster packs. Since this will be the first time for some people, we will help you with building your deck for the tournament. The tournament itself has no price, but we have several promo cards to raffle among all participants (if you stay to the end) and you'll get a lot of experience from playing against several other players. After the tournament, we will stay till 6 pm (18Uhr) and answer questions related to the game and help with your deck, if you decided to buy more cards after the tournament. You can also get the informations on this site: MLP CCG Einsteigertag in München (only in German).

    While we will speak mostly German during the introduction, we could also introduce the game in English afterwards if required.

    CinemaQuestria's Launch!

    Hello everyone, after four months of hard work and dedication, I'm here to announce the launch of our new website, CinemaQuestria!

    CinemaQuestria is a content streaming website dedicated to providing entertainment the bronies would love. This isn't all-ponies all the time, but stuff they would find entertaining: podcasts, video game streams, readings, etc. While we have currently just launched, we have big plans. As we continue to grow, we hope our content output will grow with it. Stop on by! It's also a great hangout with others.

    You can stay up-to-date on us via our Twitter account.

    NightFalls Studio Update

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    The MBS Show Episode 119

    On episode 119 of “The MBS Show” we discuss, what would we do when the shows ends and how it’s affected our lives. Get to know more about our host and their thoughts on the topic.

    Check it out in the link bellow!

    EQC Podcast Episode 43 - Failure of the Crystal Empire

    The Equestria Confidential podcast returns for it's third hiatus episode! In celebration of nothing at all, and just because it was discussed a few episodes ago, Owen and Dillon sat around for over an hour and talked about the terrible train wreck of an episode that was... The Crystal Empire. You've seen the fall of the empire, now see it's failures.

    A Non-Brony's Guide to Bronies (BronyCon, Cosplay, Music)

    Pony 411 Episode 59- Legends of the Hidden Diary

    This week on Pony 411, we have a book review! But first, there's a lot of news to cover, including a fan-made card game hitting final release on their core deck, more merchandise news than is healthy, comic stuff, and much more.

    Nemesis and Alca7raz then talk about a book they've read recently, called "The Journal of the Two Sisters!" You may have heard of it. Anyway, they start with a brief spoiler-free review, and they also tell you how to win a copy (you have to listen in to find out!). After that, they go straight into spoiler territory, so skip over 17:17 to 43:12 to avoid spoilers! Then they wrap it up with some fan content, after it being missing last week. So tune in!

    Download: http://pony411.libsyn.com/episode-59-legends-of-the-hidden-diary
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAZsmZ7WW2c
    Show Notes: http://pony411.libsyn.com/shownotes
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pony411

    Today In Pony History

    June 18, 2011-2013

    2011 - Pony RPG Progress and ponies on NPR.

    2012 - The Brony Song.

    2013 - An editorial on theater etiquette.

    Twitter: Calpain