• Season 5 Release Date Once Again a Mystery? Yesterday's Press Release Has Been Changed

    Yesterday Hasbro drop an investor press release that we joined both The Wall Street Journal and Market Watch in reporting on.  The big announcement here was the fall release of the 5th season of the show via this line:

    The series will kick off its fifth season this fall in the US.

    All three of us copy pasted the original release, or in EQD's case just that line.  It still remains in it's  full, unedited glory over at the other two sites or below: 

    Unfortunately, the official source has been updated.  The line above replaced with:

    The series will kick off its fifth season in 2015.

    So, what does it all mean? Are they just not "sure" of the release yet? Or should we expect a change like this to reflect their adamant choice that it is in fact 2015? We sent a few emails out asking various people and still await a reply.  Hopefully it will all be cleared up soon. 

    Update: We have conflicting reports at the moment.  An email to The Hub was responded to with a "Definitely 2015", while our other usual contacts are still saying Fall. At this point, I think we just need to wait for more information, or Comic Con.