• Wall Street Journal Pegs My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 5 for This Fall

    As Hasbro heads off to the Las Vegas International Licensing Expo some news about their brands has been released, in particular MLP:FiM! According to the Wall Street Journal, which published a press release from Hasbro, we can expect Season 5 to return this fall. A lot better than the speculated date of 2015 at the latest, eh? Hopefully this date is the real deal and it doesn't get pushed back.

    Other tidbits include that MLP represents a $650 million market in 2013 across all consumer products and that EqG was the top selling Fashion Themed Doll for Christmas according to retail tracker NPD.

    You can find the article in full here! Thanks to everyone for sending this in.

    (Also at Marketwatch)

    Exact Quote from the presser:

    "The series will kick off its fifth season this fall in the US"

    Update: Looking into the change in the press release.  The official source has been swapped to 2015 for whatever reason. 

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