• Everfree Northwest 2014: Cosplay Track Announcement

    Cosplaying has become a huge thing in the fandom and Everfree Northwest has a bunch of events and contests to celebrate this creative side of the fandom.

    Check on after the break for the full press release on how you can participate.

    Calling all cosplayers, photographers, seamstresses, plush makers, and friends! This year at Everfree Northwest we are pleased to offer several panels and events just for you! Come show off your cosplays at our costume contest and photoshoots, take part in a crash-course panel on cosplay creation, create a cosplay from scratch in our Iron Cosplay competition, learn about plush design, and learn what would ponies do (WWPD) with Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity! Read on for details.


    Everfree Northwest 2014 Costume Contest: Come show off your fantastic cosplays and compete for prizes! Don’t forget to pre-register at registration up to 2 hours before the contest to enter!  There are two categories to enter in: Foal (13 and under) and Pony (14 and up).  You could win a WeLoveFine gift card, Tabletop Air Hockey, or even a full pass to Everfree Northwest 2015!! Saturday, Mane Stage, 1:30PM

    Iron Cosplay Everfree Edition: Think you have what it takes to make a cosplay out of a pile of random stuff? Audience members that are selected at random have three 20 minute rounds to make the best cosplay they can with the items provided.  Winners will be decided by crowd vote and will receive a prize! Saturday, Crystal AB, 7:00PM


    Equestria Plush Adventures with Design!: Come explore the ups and downs of plush design with film, pictures, and discussion. There will be a giveaway at the end of the panel, so be sure to stick around! Sunday, 2:30PM, Crystal A

    What Would Ponies Do?: WWPD? Have a question about life, the universe, and everything? Come to Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity with all of your questions important, weird, and silly (but please keep them PG.  Think of the little foals!) If you think of a question before the panel but are afraid you’ll forget it (or you’re too shy to ask it in person), there will be a box available at registration for you to write down all of your questions! Saturday, 11:00AM, Crystal A

    A Stitch in Time: Do you want to cosplay but have no idea where to start? Do you cosplay and are trying to take it to the next level? Are you just looking for some tips or tricks you might not know? Cosplayers of all levels are invited to join Marity and Smare on this crash course in cosplay construction from conception to convention! Friday, 3:00PM, Crystal B


    Official Everfree Cosplay Photoshoots: Cosplayers, come show off your beautiful costumes! Photographers, come take pictures! If you're too shy to ask for a cosplayer's picture in the hall, this is a lovely place with a beautiful backdrop to fill all your cosplay picture taking needs! If you're not sure about posing, who, or what to take pictures of, the wonderful Tori will be organizing group shots of characters, scenes, etc. Please note that if you wish to do a private photoshoot, during the group shoots we humbly request you either go somewhere else on or off site, or wait until the official photoshoot is finished if you would like to use the area. Courtyard by the pool, Friday and Sunday at 11AMSaturday 3:15PM

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