• Short Editorial: Theater Etiquette

    We have been invading the pink isle at toys stores for two years now, but only recently have we been stuck in the same room as the target audience for an extended period of time.  A reddit poster going by the name of Inorezyou tossed this little blurb up from his recent experience at the theater, and I'm sure a few of you that haven't already hit Equestria Girls up could use a few tips before doing so. 

    Pony was originally intended for a younger audience, and having a swarm of 15-30somethings bombard a theater might be a bit intimidating for a mom and her kids. The best thing you can do as part of a group is be respectful to the others in the theater.   Try to keep the bouts of laughter to a minimum and the language PG.  Shouting DERPY!!! at a pony convention is perfectly acceptable, but in a none brony focused event, it's pretty obnoxious for those outside of the loop. 

    I usually don't post stuff like this, but I felt a heads up might make us all look better to the general public in the long run. 

    How have your experiences at the theater been so far? Hit the comments up with that, or feel free to yell at me.  Either or.