• Tumblr Spotlight - Mature Edition: Question Pinkamena / Ask Isolated Inkie Pie / Ask Countess FlutterBat / Ask TwiSpike

    It's been quite awhile since our last mature themed Tumblr Spotlight and I think it is about time to rectify that considering how popular the others have been. While ponies are great at being cute they are also wonderful characters to explore all sorts of themes, even more adult and darker themes. As with the other mature editions of the Tumblr Spotlight this is for those of you who would like to try something different in the world of tumblrpony or if you just don't find cute and fuzzy all the time to be appealing.

    While none of these tumblrs are super explicit in nature I still must warn those who don't like mature themes in their pony to keep away if this isn't their thing.

    As always, if you have a tumblr you would like to share, whether it is your own or someone elses, please make sure to send it my way at [email protected] or my Twitter for review and filing. Mature themed ones (PG-13) are welcome as well!

    Now on to the tumblrs!

    Pinkamena has been around almost as long as the fandom and has become a staple in pony grimdark lore. Taking on many different forms from the totally sadistic to just plain depressed (or both!) the dark side of Pinkie has been explored in almost too many ways to count! One of the rarer forms of Pinkamena though is when her sadistic nature is combined with cuteness to form a combination you don't know whether to feel grossed out by or smile at. Question Pinkamena is one such tumblr which is sure to satisfy your need for cuteness and grimdark all at once!

    Question Pinkamena - Current Page - First Page

    Ask Isolated Inkie Pie

    Apparently it isn't just Pinkie who deals with a darker side in the family. Pinkie's sisters for instance also seem to bear the brunt of the fandom's grimdark musings which is demonstrated expertly in Ask Isolated Inkie Pie. Starring an older Inkie who has found her calling as a seamstress she lives alone, away from her family apparently after a tragic accident damaged her mind. A bit more depressing than the last tumblr, but definitely worth a look!

    Ask Isloated Inkie Pie - Current Page

    Next up is a tumblr born from the recent Flutterbat craze, involving a cursed Fluttershy that failed to turn back to her normal self and also thirsts for not just apples but the blood of others! Taking on a more vampire-like approach than the show did the tumblr is off to a good start with quite an impressive story arc going on along with your typical ask responses. It's worth checking out for not only the story, but the artwork as well!

    Ask Countess FlutterBat - Current Page

    Last but not least, we dive into another aspect of the mature part of the fandom by exploring some shipping. The relationship between Twilight and Spike has been explored basically since the get go, whether it be a mother and son type of relationship, to just friends, to even eventually romantically involved. Ask Twispike explores the very latter of these options with some more suggestive themes thrown in to display the extent of the relationship. Combined with beautiful and cute art, it's a lovely shipping tumblr for those who like this ship or shipping in general.

    Ask Twispike - Current Page - First Page