• Printed Pony Toys on the Way? 3D Systems and Hasbro Co-Venture

    (Note: Image used only as an example, not the product)

    Investing super-site Seeking Alpha released this article a few days ago noting a planned Co-Venture between Hasbro and 3D printing company 3D Systems.  They suspect that this will be aimed at both MLP and G.I. Joe, though no concrete information has been released as of yet.

     If it does happen, I wonder what level of quality we will see? With sites like Shapeways receiving Cease and Desists for their fan created pony merch, lets hope Hasbro can come up with something of that level of quality.  We have Funko releasing figures that are already show accurate, the next logical step would be complex poses similar to that 3d print Derpy up above. 

    Thanks to Madayar for the heads up!