• Random Merch - Dominoes, Puzzles, Cups, and More!

    No classic game is safe from the pony! A domino set was spotted on that Brazilian site that revealed a bunch of stuff a while back.  I remember playing  with those as a kid.

    Head on down below for more random merch!


    Also from Brazil! Not in stores yet unfortunately.  Thanks to Daieny for the heads up.


    Found at Target by Lala!

    Board Game

    Found at a K-Mart in Indiana by Jaime!

    Jumbo Chalk Holders

    Found at K-Mart again! Thanks to Victorsaurus and everyone else that sent it!

    Candy Dispenser

    Every single candy ever.  Thanks to Julia for the heads up.

    Pony Cups

    Found at Toy Fair by May Flowers! Hopefully we see more soon!