• Album Compilation - February 17th

    Albums albums.  That's a gigantic album right there.  Apparently it took 2 years to make! Madness!

    Have a list:

    Destiny: A Tale Of Unicorn Wings - HeyLasFas!
    Hearts & Hooves - SkyBolt
    Skybreath - Viricide Filly 

    And get them all below!

    Destiny: A Tale Of Unicorn Wings
    Composer: HeyLasFas!
    Genre: Progressive Rock, Vocal

    Description: There once was a unicorn named Twilight Sparkle.
    She was very smart, studious and always worked hard to make her friends happy. One day, Twilight worked very hard helping her friends
    and was given the title of Princess, a palace in Canterlot
    and even an illustrious pair of wings!

    Twilight must handle the new responsibilities of royalty while maintaining the balance between work and her friends. The fate of Equestria hangs in the balance when a new dark threat arises and challenges the harmony between Twilight and her friends.

    Everything is going to be fine.

    (Continued on Bandcamp) 

    Hearts & Hooves
    Composer: SkyBolt

    Description: This is the second installment of my new compilation album series. For those of you who've been keeping up with me for a while, I've done quite a few of these silly pony songs on a multitude of genres and themes. As I'm moving into year two of this music project, I've become more knowledgeable and capable with sound mixing. So, I thought I could release these improved mixes in nice little six song EP's based on theme. This'll also be a chance for anyone new who might not be familiar with my older stuff to get a fresh experience with them.

    I promise they won't all be holiday related, lol. It just worked out that way for these first two...

    Either way, to celebrate a time of love and ponies here's a little something that should give you a decent amount of both. And whether you've got a special somepony or not this February, I hope you enjoy the songs anyway... :)

    Composer: Viricide Filly 

    Description: Skybreath is an album planned and made over three and a half months and features electro house, dubstep, bounce, glitch hop and minimal orchestral arrangements. It features lesser-known rappers such as Fly High and LevelNone, as well as a small contribution by Vinyl.rawr to the third song. Song inspirations range from personal experiences, to being directly about ponies or an element of the show, but all of them relate to some aspect of MLP more-or-less.
    Two tracks, Naive and No More Roads to Travel, have been previously released, and there are 9 more previously unreleased tracks making eleven songs in total. The wide variety of genres should appeal to all listeners of EDM, and I'm very proud of the album overall. The album art is by my friend Alycs. I hope you all enjoy this musical journey.