• Music of the Day #250

    Music of the day! Time for an adventure into the unknown. Which songs do you like? Which do you dislike? Which do you want to see more of? Hit them all up below!

    [1] Source
    (Original Song) The Shy One. Artist: Ethan Teel

    [2] Source
    In The Shadows - Retrotype

    [3] Source
    The Quest - Panic
    Instrumental - House

    [4] Source
    [MLP] Hearts as Strong as Horses (Allar House Remix)
    Remix - House

    [5] Source
    Viricide Filly - No More Roads To Travel [House]

    [6] Source
    REDD - Can't Move On

    [7] Source
    A new time

    [8] Source
    Hope - by MandoPony (Standing Leaf's Theme)
    Instrumental - Mandopony

    [9] Source
    Skye - Wanted In Equestria feat. Noize, Blitz, and Clavisound
    Vocal - Rap

    [10] Source
    Celestorm - Echo of the Yay (feat. Feather)

    [11] Source
    Evoxs - Winter Breeze
    Instrumental/Voice Clips - Dubstep

    [12] Source
    Flyghtning - Out of harmony
    Instrumental - Trance (Very slight vocal)

    [13] Source
    [Aggrotech] This Day Aria (3ternal Remix)
    Remix - Aggrotech

    [14] Source
    The Ballad Of Starswirl The Bearded
    Vocal - Folk/Bluegrass