• Spotlight Music: The Path to the Cottage / Starswirled / Wonderbolt Acoustic

    Get some smooth and relaxing in the first slot via a bit of Instrumental Fluttershy based music, followed by a ramp up to some glaze style glitch hop from Proctra, and finish with a throwback to a year ago (I can't believe it has already been a year!) with dBPony's Acoustic version of "Wonderbolt".  All below!

    1.) Night Breeze | The Path to the Cottage (Instrumental - Alternative/Folk Rock)
    2.) Proctra - Starswirled Ft. PegasYs (Original Mix) (Vocal - Glitch Hop)
    3.) Wonderbolt Acoustic - dBPony (feat. Prince Whateverer) (Vocal - Acoustic)