• Charity Event: The Denver Dumb Friends League and More!

    Charity with prizes! I swear that title isn't what you think it is.  This is actually focused on a charity from 1910! More info on that below, as well as an overview of the annual events Dustykatt runs. Now go check it out, and save some pets. 

    Every two weeks, we here at Stay Brony My Friends let our guest pick a charity to support. In the last year we have raised over 25,000 dollars for various charities across both America and Canada.

    To spice things up a bit I put up some giveaway prizes that everyone who gives a least 5 bucks will get a chance to win. If we crack 500 dollar then the guest kicks in a larger prize!

    This show we had Artist and Costumer Sophiecabra on the show and her charity is The Denver Dumb Friends League. Back around 1910, when the Denver Dumb Friends League was created, “dumb” meant “incapable of speech”, not “YouTube troll”. The League has been providing advocacy and critical services for Denver animals for over a hundred years. It’s all about the important stuff: lost-and-found services, rescues and adoptions, training, and cruelty investigations. In animal services, a little help goes a long way.

    Prizes this time are a Japanese I phone 5 case (Pinkie Pie). An MLP Dog tag AND a foil Derpy card! If we crack 500 then Sophie will kick in a set of Mane 6 prints from her Portrait series!

    Go to this link for details!