• Story: Human After All (Update Complete!)

    [Sci-Fi] "An ambitious and well-crafted story that breathes new life into an old trope" — Pre-reader Amacita

    (That has to be the craziest additional tag I've ever added) - Sethisto

    Author: Nicknack
    Description: The thick growth of the Everfree Forest harbors many secrets. Some, it shares with the adventurous souls that seek them out. Others are well-guarded for a reason.

    Lyra Heartstrings, a graduate student in Canterlot University's archaeology program, is no stranger to discovering lost civilizations. When she finds a survivor from one, however, she begins helping him to restore his culture.

    The question burning in the back of her mind is, "At what cost?"
    Human After All (New Part 7-11!)

    Additional Tags: Lyra befriends the Antichrist