• Soaring Pegasus, Daring Pony Story, Ponyville Newsmaker, and Royal Surprise Blindbag Collector Sets at K Mart

    Kmart has four new collector series blindbag sets listed over on their website.   Pretty much every single mystery pony from the past few months on Taobao now has a home here.  The sets include:

    Soaring Pegasus -  Thunderlane, Rainbowfied Fluttershy, Derpy
    Daring Pony Story - Daring Do, Rainbow Dash, Princess Twilight
    Ponyville Newsmaker - Snips, Snails, Rainbowfied Pinkie Pie
    Royal Surprise - Twilight, Celestia, Chrysalis

    Unfortunately all of them are currently "temporarily unavailable", which probably means not out yet.  Hopefully we see them soon!

    Thanks to Lawrence for the heads up.