• 5/66 Days of Pony - Griffon the Brush Off

    It's mid day blog time, which means its time for number five in our pony history and revisiting series.  Griffon the Brush Off released around the time when ponies were really starting to take hold of the internet.   We had just passed the one month mark, and people everywhere were questioning their spouses, friends, relatives, and kids about why they had a colorful anime eyed horse looking creature as their desktop wallpapers and steam/forum icons.

    Moving on to the episode itself, the early portions of it seemed to show how disconnected the mane 6 actually were from one another.  Rainbow Dash wants nothing to do with Pinkie Pie until she sees how well versed she is in the art of pranking.  Their friendships overall were still blossoming.  We got a Peppy Le Pew throwback to further confirm this show's borrowing from the classics, and thanks to Gilda's biker girl style, a good portion of the early fandom started shipping Rainbow Dash with just about anyone, including the kitchen sink.

    Head on down below the break to relive the glorious world of Gryphon the Brush Off! And feel free to pull off more pretending that it's new, that's actually really fun to read.