• Nightly Roundup #774

    A COMMENDABLE MARE!  That's our Derpy Hooves.  Look at the ambition in those eyes.  Truly the world should cower in fear and rejoice at the same time when she makes an appearence.

    Onward to nightly roundup stuff.  Get it all below!

    Applejack Mech in Mech Warrior Online

    Apparently this is an official new skin, though there isn't anything other than color scheme and name pointing it toward our Applejack.

    Thanks to tsfdeymos for the heads up!

    Fluffle Puff Cake

    Even 15 year olds love Fluffle Puff.

    Mysterious Runes under Funko Pinkie Pie's Mane!

    Ceramicpony decided to cutomize a Funko Pinkie Pie, and found these mysterious runes under her removed mane! What could they mean? Is Trixie truly out lord and savior?

    Swedish EQD Dub on Youtube

    Just in case you wanted to watch it in Swedish! Find it here.


    Conrpiracy Theories!

    Rarity having a fake accent
    Luna originally raised the Sun

    Video here.

    Nova Scotia Meetup

    Today the Nova Scotia Bronies held our September meetup, with a bit of a twist! Nicole Oliver & her son Will are in Halifax currently filming for the second season of Seed (on CityTV in Canada, recently picked up by The CW in the US) and were invited to join the NSB for our monthly meetup. A great afternoon was had by everyone who attended, a little Q&A, TONS of food (enough for a royal banquet! even) and Nicole spent some time doing some photos and signing things for folks who wanted autographs! With a great turnout of about 35, everyone enjoyed everyone's company and I can't be grateful enough to Nicole for stopping by and spending some time with us!


    Successful Meetups

    Bath Brony Meetup

    The Bath Bronies reassembled the summer to resume our favourite activity - going to the pub. We had a pony pub quiz that was pretty in depth and certainly not for casuals and after a few drinks we finished the night by embarrassing ourselves at pool. We also confirmed our season 4 premiere arrangements, which will be also taking place in a pub.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Iowa State Meetup Group

    Copy Paste:
    This is a new meetup group for any bronies in and around the Iowa State University/Ames, IA area!
    If you'd be interested please contact me, TicTac, at spwcool(AT)gmail.com.


    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    This Day in Pony History

    2011: Rainbow Dash Vs. Star Scream DEATH BATTLE.
    2012: The gameloft game is just a rumor!