• Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 23

    I was expecting some Yu-Gi-Oh! references for the latest prompt and you guys did not disappoint! Hello again everyone! Calpain is here once again and for the final time for this year's ATG as our hostess Phoe returns tomorrow to finish up the last stretch of this amazing journey!

    Our ponies tonight are much more active than our somber ponies from last night! We have another great batch of pics today comprised of 219 dueling or competing ponies which brings our total to 8220 pictures! But it's not over yet gang, let's finish out this next week with the same gusto we see in our competing ponies that you can see in our gallery here.

    Speaking of galleries, the makeup gallery has finally closed, adding another 120 ponies of all kinds to our total, bringing us up to 8340 ponies in total! Awesome job gang on making up those pics! Check out the makeup gallery here.

    Well folks, time for me to say farewell, but not before leaving you with the prompt for tonight! After playing hard, ponies have to work hard so tonight's prompt is: Draw a pony litigating / Draw a professional pony. Submit your entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Saturday, September 7 and if you have any questions please contact Phoe at [email protected].

    It's been fun guys! Best of luck finishing up the ATG. I'm proud of you all for sticking with it and for all of you that at least gathered up the courage to try something new! Catch at the next ATG and elsewhere on the site. Calpain out!