• Album compilation - September 6th

    We have sort of a light album post today, but some of these have been around forever. If these keep trickling down enough I might just be able to run them solo soon here! Have a list:
    MandoPony: Remastered - Mandopony
    Equestrian Revolution III - Aviators
    Desinenza - Lavender Harmony
    And get all the information on each of these below the break. 

    MandoPony: Remastered
    Musician: MandoPony
    Genre: Alternative, Classical, Folk, 8-bit, Rock, Ska

    Description: MandoPony returns to remaster a few recent and popular tunes -- this collection contains 10 tracks you've already heard, but they've been remastered and in some cases, remixed from scratch, to sound better than ever before.

    I really hope you give these versions a try and that you'll enjoy them! Thank you for your constant and amazing support, it means the world to me!


    Equestrian Revolution III
    Musician: Aviators
    Genre: Electronic, Pop, Rock

    Description: Equestrian Revolution III is the third in the trilogy of my brony remix albums. It includes remixes of songs from MLP and brony artists, and best of all, it's free!

    Musician: Lavender Harmony
    Genre: Dubstep, DnB, Orchestral

    Description: My debut EP as Lavender Harmony. Featuring a brand new track, Desinenza, a true continuation of the Arrivederci storyline, and remasters of some of my most popular and personal favourite tracks.