• Toys R' Us Getting Rid of 'Boys' and 'Girls' Labelling

    Lets hit the fringe of ponyland up for a bit!  I'd say this is pretty relevant to the world of Equestria.

    According to Toynews-online, there may be some pretty major changes on the horizon in the world of toys.  Thanks to the "Let Toys Be Toys" campaign group, Toys R' Us is joining a number of other retailers in axing the concept of labeling specific toys based on gender.  Signage around the stores will display both girls and boys playing with the same stuff.   Whether this means the end of the pink isle (which is looking very black and dark blue thanks to the newer pony stuff lately if you have visited a TRU store in the last few months) or not remains to be seen. 

    I wonder if FiM had any part to play in this? I suppose retailers would notice a growing number of guys browing the colorful equine section.

    Thanks to Rainbow Dash for the heads up!  Yep, that Rainbow Dash.  She just loves reading. 

    (Update: Apparently this is specifically for the UK at the moment.)