• Hoofsounds Radio Mod for Chome

    For all 42% of you currently browsing EQD on chrome, a new extention has been released.  The guys behind the Ponyhoof Facebook mod  decided to compile up a bunch of radio stations from around the fandom for your listening pleasure.  Pretty much every genre on the planet is included, along with a chat room option to connect and talk about what is currently playing in various brony hangouts around the community.  

    Head on down below to break for the full press release.  Find the addon here,  and for Firefox users, it looks like it will be available in a few weeks for us. 

    Press Release:
    Get HoofSounds Now!

    The team behind popular Facebook extension Ponyhoof proudly announces a new extension for brony radio, video, and chat called HoofSounds!

    HoofSounds has combined the stations and streams of Ponyville Live! and Celestia Radio to bring you 10 radio streams, 5 video streams, and 9 chat channels, in an easy-to-use design, available 24/7!

    With HoofSounds you can listen to pony radio 24/7 with nothing more than your browser. Designed to be fast, responsive, and sleek, the extension quickly connects you to streams playing your favorite brony songs.

    Don’t be worried that HoofSounds won’t have your favorite genre; its diverse collection of streams has something for everypony! In addition to variety channels, there are streams dedicated to electronic, rap, rock, instrumental/acoustic, and more!

    Music brings bronies together, which is why HoofSounds is both equipped with a chat selector toinstantly connect you to brony chat rooms, as well as integrated with Facebook and Twitter so you can quickly share what you’re listening to with your friends!

    The Google Chrome version is available now! The Firefox version will be released in 2-3 weeks for reasons beyond our control.
     Full Feature List: http://derpy.me/HSFeatureList

    Got a question before install? Visit the HoofSounds Facebook page below and click the big FAQ button!

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HoofSounds

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/HoofSounds