• Discussion: What Do You Think the Season 4 Pilot Will Include?

    Twilight has wings, Discord is Fluttershy's best buddy, Rainbow Dash is attending the Wonderbolts Training Academy, and Trixie is Great and Apologetic!   Season 3 changed a whole bunch of stuff about the show we love, and season four is sure to move us forward even more.

    With Twilight's new princess status, the pilot is going to be one of the most interesting we have seen yet.   We got a glimpse at what she has confronted so far via Equestria Girls, but the majority of that took place in the Crystal Empire.  How will her life in Ponyville's Library change? Will she be moving into her own castle?   The mysteries are endless!

    So what do you think the pilot will cover? Are you expecting a new villain? Hit the comments up!