• Random Merch: Clip on Tail, Pillows, Giant Socks and More!

    I remmeber another fandom where those things were popular.  You better have pony ears and dash clothes to go with it.

    We have a load of new random merch this time around, starting with the two above found here and here at Entertainment earth.  Head on down below the break for more stuff! 

    LONG Socks

    More from entertainment earth.  Get Pinkie here and Rainbow here.  Thanks to Firestorm Danger Dash for all of these.

    Another Backpack

    Found at Kohls in Michigan by Jessica

    Random JBox Merch


    Lots of stuff from JBOX. for back to school.  Thanks to everyone that sent these in! Find the whole set over here.  

    Pony Patches

    Found at Hastings for 5 bucks a pop by Anoun

    Hair Stuff

    More Twilight than Pinkie on those mane extentions in my opinion.  Found at Walmart. Thanks to Fangwarden for the heads up.

    Cadance and Shining Armor Jumbo Book

    Found at a dollar store by Ethan!