• Story: Late Bloomer

    [Comedy][Shipping] "Like a fine, peaty Scotch—aged for eighteen years in a charred oak cask, poured, tasted, and thrown in your face—this story is redolent with snark and subversion."–Pre-reader Bradel

    Author: Vimbert the Unimpressive
    Description: In an Equestria where it is more than okay to be gay, Roseluck finds herself without a special somepony of her own. However, change in the form of an earnest, yet odd, quills and sofas salespony is on the way. The only problem is this: he's a stallion. And Roseluck's no filthy breeder, is she?

    A commission for T_K_21.
    Late Bloomer

    Additional Tags: alternate universe, LGBT, heterophobia, fluffy