• Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 8

    Well, we've all been there, Dash. No worries! Just get some rest and try again later. Which, really, is one of the nicer things about Rainbow Dash. Even though she's often stretching herself too hard and crashing against her limits, she always pops back up again and keeps working to be better at what she loves. And... y'know. Also she naps a lot. Doesn't that sound awesome? Well, it does to me. You know what else sounds awesome, best transition ever? A gallery full of 421 sleepy and/or untrustworthy equines! And a not insignificant number who went the grammatically correct path and laid down something other than themselves. Good work! That brings our grand total to 3681 images. Climbing ever higher! Where will we wind up? That's for you to decide!

    You know, there's a style guide for writing which states that exclamation marks (otherwise known as bangs!) shouldn't be used if at all possible, and enthusiasm or whatever else should be implied by the context of the sentence. But you know what? You guys are worth all of my excess punctuation. You're just that awesome! Let that be your daily reminder, and let this be your reminder that my door remains open at phoe@equestriadaily.com if you have any questions or need something I can help you with.

    Gallery time! I know you're all tired by now. Believe me, I sympathize (of course, I'm always tired). But keep at it! You're doing incredibly well! Even if it doesn't feel like it, quite a few of you are already making some notable steps forward in your quality of composition, your proportions, and your line work. Others are finding ways to add more ambitious elements within the time frame, and you're performing just fantastically so far. But for right this moment, let's rest for a while.

    All right, nap time's over! I hope you're feeling fit and ready to have some fun! With a week's worth of notches on our belts it's time to open the gates and start really getting playful with our themes. And so for today, what could be better than this? Draw a pony playing a game/Draw a pony winning! Let's see your favorite games, be they board, card, or video! Get out there and have fun! Submit your entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Friday, August 23. The Wheel of Fate is turning! Rebel 1! Action!