• New BUCK Announcements!

    With the big conventions in America winding down our European friends are picking up the pace! BUCK has some new information on their Summer Sun Celebration as well as some really cool T-shirts they have made for the event.

    Check it out after the break!

    Happy Monday everyone!

    Today BUCK is proud to make a double announcement.

    Hot on the heels of the first wave comes our second wave of Summer Sun Celebration tickets!

    These get you into the biggest brony music festival in Europe; a six hour concert with the best music in the fandom: from classics to brand new exclusives, on a huge 22,000 watt sound system that’d make even Vinyl envious.

    Featuring The Living Tombstone, Acoustic Brony, Speedcore Dave and many more, we expect the Summer Sun Celebration to break the boundaries of where MLP fan music has gone before. Don’t miss your chance to say you were there when it happened!

    Wave 2 Tickets of the Summer Sun Celebration will be available for purchase from 12:00 noon on Monday 29th July.

    In addition to this awesome opportunity, we are excited to reveal the exclusive and iconic t-shirt design only available to holders of our sponsorship tickets. You can claim yours today by purchasing a BUCK 20% Cooler Ticket...

    Featuring BUCK’s mascot Britannia, her pet manticore Roary, and designed by Hazelhooves, the lead artist of the Ask Britannia Tumblr Blog, wear the pride of the Royal Guard!

    This t-shirt will not ever be reprinted and is not available for purchase, so grab this limited edition design now, and show your support for BUCK: Europe’s largest Brony convention.