• Enterplay's Bronycon Exclusive - Twilacorn

    "You know you want me~"
    Enterplay has announced their exclusive promo card for Bronycon.  It looks like all of you attending will be able to pick up a Twilacorn.  Just bring your badge to the Packbreakers booth and ask for it.

    And the full list for those collecting these:
    F35 Pinkie Pie - was given out at Big Apple, Cutie Con, Trot Con, EQLA May, My Little Pony Fair
    F36 TBA
    F37 Rainbow Dash - gift with tin purchase
    F38 TBA
    F39 Fluttershy - gift with Deck Box purchase
    F40 Derpy - Fiesta Equestria, Everfree NW
    F41 DJ Pon3 - gift with poster purchase, MLP Fair
    F42 Twilight Sparkle - Bronycon
    F43 TBA
    F44 TBA
     It's kind of amazing how much some of these go for on Ebay. 

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in!