• Nightly Roundup #725

    Hey again everyone! I'm back from vacation and back on Roundup duty as I settle in after my trip back from Michigan. Much merriment was had and as you can probably tell some game playing went on (love Dust!). Finally beat both Arkham games too! At this rate I'll be caught up with my backlog in about 5 years.

    Anyhow, onward to the Roundup! Come on AJ!

    Tonight's Stories

    Price for Build a Bear Twilight and Spike Revealed

    Looks like we've got some confirmation on the prices for both Spike and Twilight, with Twilight costing $25 and Spike $10. Awesome for you plush collectors out there!

    Check out the full story here!

    Ponies in Checkpoint Episode

    Check out Checkpoint's pony reference at the end of the video after the credits!

    New Edition of Equestria Uncovered!

    This time on Equestria Uncovered the authors dive into the mystery and intrigue around our one and only changeling queen! Check it out at the link below.

    Check out the full story here!

    Me and My Mommy, A Dramatic Reading

    Truly the most dramatic reading of our generation.

    Neat Little Analysis on Luna

    There have been many theories on why Luna's appearance has changed over the seasons. Here's one of them.

    RainbOS Android Boot Animation

    A fan name Scott Beaudry took it upon himself to create a boot animation for Android based on Cereal's latest Equestrian innovations video. You can find a link to the zip file here:


    "The device shown in the video is a Nexus 7 tablet, though this particular version is designed for a Nexus 4 and has a resolution of 1280x768. It will work with a variety of different devices without major distortion."

    You can find Cereal's video here:


    For instructions on how to install this on your Android look here:


    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    My Little Musical Looking for Musicians!

    After two years of development, it is with great happiness that we come to announce a musician casting call for My Little Musical!

    We are currently looking for a few instrumentalists and a producer/sound designer to fill out our online ensemble! The specific positions we are seeking include ACOUSTIC GUITAR, SAXOPHONE, and PRODUCER/SOUND DESIGNER, but there are other positions as listed on our tumblr. For more information on open positions, how to audition, and the music itself please see http://mylittlemusical.tumblr.com/ and the respective links below! Contact info can be found there as well.

    We hope you choose to join us on this journey!

    Best wishes,

    - AW and Rapid City
    Directors of My Little Musical
    Tumblr: http://mylittlemusical.tumblr.com/

    Auditions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ov43gdbuii963e/MLM%20Musician-SD%20Audition%20Guidelines.pdf

    SYNOPSIS: In the magical world of Equestria, all species have been able to coexist in peace for many years. However, when a group of adolescent dragons overstays its welcome in the tranquil town of Ponyville, the balance of the entire land is put into jeopardy. Can the magical Twilight, her young dragon assistant Spike, fashionista Rarity, and all of their friends calm the turmoil? Or will war break out in Equestria for the first time in over a thousand years? And will one pony‟s heart make a decision that could destroy the bonds that she and her friends have nurtured for so long? A tale of romance, family, and friendship, My Little Musical is an emotional roller coaster that will have audiences laughing one second and holding their breath the next.

    ABOUT: My Little Musical is a romantic-dramedy fantasy musical inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Both the book and the music have been developed over the last two years and are approaching completion. Ultimately, there will be more than twenty original songs written for the production, mostly falling in the same genre as songs from the animated series, with some focusing on a rock base and others falling into more of a Broadway feel.

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    My Little Pony Monday - Episode 20

    I received some AWESOME goodies(Some promo cards and a playmat!) in my first ever MLP trade and I'm pretty excited about it. XD Thanks!

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Limited Edition Card Play Mat
    Rarity Custom
    Wheat Grass Custom Plushie

    Today In Pony History

    July 30, 2011-2012

    2011 - How certain episodes might have played out, International Friendship Day, and a cool FiM Advent Calendar.

    2012 - Pony Monopoly custom board released, Cardcaptor Derpy ending, Civ 5 Celestia mod, and Europe gets Season 1 set announcement.