• Convention Compilation - July 29

    Convention news everywhere tonight! Chrysalis can't contain the love for pony these conventions have planned. If only changelings in the show had access to the internet, they would never want for love again.

    Anyhow, on to our list of convention news! Check it all out after the break.
    • DerpyCon South Promo
    • Midwest Brony Fest Wrap-Up
    • Sac Brony Expo Promo
    • EFNW Post-Con Wrap-Up
    • BronyCon Mini-Print Project

    DerpyCon South Promo

    Midwest Brony Fest Wrap-Up

    The staff would like to thank the special guest, the vendors, and especially the attendees for a great convention. You guys made it happen, and we thank you for it. We, the staff, had a lot of fun, and we hope to see you for MWBF 2014!

    Our Charity Auction raised $1,606 for Child’s Play which will benefit Children’s Mercy Hospital of Kansas City. For details on the convention, and photos, please visit our website. www.mwbfkc.net If you were at the convention, and you have photos that you would like us to post to our website, please email them to [email protected]. Make sure you have permission from who’s in the photo to post it first! 

    Being Kansas City’s first sizable brony convention, we got a lot of media coverage. Fox 4 News ran a very positive news segment, which featured Drawponies’ sketch of the reporter.

    The Kansas City Star has an image gallery, but sadly no story last check of their website.

    We made the news all the way down in Alabama!

    KCTV 5’s story aired Saturday night, those who saw it say it was positive, unfortunately none of the staff got to see it, due to either being asleep or hosting the dance. The story does not appear to be posted to their website either. If you have it recorded, we would love it see it. 

    It was a great weekend, filled with great people, and great fun.

    Sac Brony Expo Promo

    EFNW Post-Con Wrap-Up

    It’s strange to think that Everfree Northwest only ended three weeks ago, a weekend that was filled with great fun, friendship, music, events, and so much more. This year’s convention may be over, but, there is still so much left to say. This year’ scan saw us breaking last year’s records for both attendance and amount raised for charity, the introduction of the Royal Court, the results of several contests, and info on the Ponystock concerts.


    This year’s Everfree Northwest convention was bigger than ever! While still only our second year, EFNW 2013 still saw a marked expansion in our number of convention attendees with over 2200 guests attending the con, including over 225 foals (children age 12 and under), an increase of about 50% when compared to our attendance record of 1500 set by last year’s event.


    We are happy to report that the Everfree Northwest Charity Auction raised a total of $21,070 for the benefit of Seattle Children’s Hospital, with $15,010.77 coming from the vocal auction, $5,998.76 from our silent auction, and an additional $60.56 made up by cash donation. The auction boasted over 200 items for sale, including such items as Princess Twilight by Chaotic Brony, a necklace that auctioned for $2,100, and Sunrise in Equestria by Cosmic Unicorn, an oil painting which auctioned for $2,750. And in a heartwarming story, the plushie of Front Page was purchased by one of our own EFNW staffers to be given to Heather, another staffer who stored the plushie for months before it went up for auction, and who had become attached to it while it was in her keeping.

    In addition, dozens of toys were also donated in our toy donation drive. To those who gave, providing either money or toys, we wish to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU! We couldn’t have done it without your generosity.

    Royal Court

    Premiering this year was the Everfree Northwest Royal Court, a trio of foals selected at random to take part in several events as well as help out with skits put on by the convention staff. The storyline began with Celestia warning Twilight Sparkle that all of the friendship and happiness that would be generated at Everfree Northwest could attract some unwanted attention. Thus the Princess instructed Twilight to use the Elements of Harmony to cast a Friendship Ritual on three foals attending the convention. After rounding up the Mane Six, Twilight sent them to find the three foals and, when gathered, proceeded to cast the spell, transferring some of her power and part of her magic of friendship into them. When she was finished, Everfree Northwest had three new Alicorn royalty to watch over the convention while also learning about friendship. Still, the Royal Court and the Mane Six had no clue what was in store for them.

    The Alicorn foals of the Royal Court spent the next three days observing and spreading friendship throughout the convention.  Everywhere they went they were treated with the respect due to their station, with staff members bowing, other attendees waving and getting pictures, and even the featured guests calling them "prince" or "princess".  Everywhere they went, smiles and friendship followed, and by the third day, while exhausted, they were positively glowing.

    At Closing Ceremonies, Princess Twilight and her friends were prepared to head back to Equestria.  As Twilight made to transfer the power from the foals back into the Elements however, Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings arrived and began to attack the Mane Six.

    Drained of their power, the ponies succumbed to the might of the changelings.  Things looked hopeless for our friends; that is until the Royal Court led all the attendees in a rendition of "The Smile Song".  The magic of friendship that they gained over the weekend flowed through and empowered all the ponies in attendance allowing them to overwhelm Chrysalis and banish her and her minions. As so, through the actions of three courageous foals and the friendship generated by the attendees of the convention shared over the weekend, Everfree Northwest was saved.


    There was no shortage of contests at this year’s convention, and they covered the gamut this year. Our three main contests this year was the Costume Contest, the Iron Author competition, and the PMV contest. Many amazing and talented individuals entered all three contests, and the winners of their respective contests are as follows, along with links to other entries:

    • Iron Author

    • Cosplay

      • Foal Division

      • Commissioned Division

      • Handmade Division

    • PMV

      • Music PMV

      • Non-music PMV


    At this year’s Ponystock we rocked, and we rocked hard! With a total of 20 performers, all showing off some amazing talent, both concert nights were packed for almost the entire event. It was so intense at times, the party wasn’t just measured in decibels but on the Richter scale; the pounding feet of attendees was measured to be comparable to a 1.0 earthquake. So many people were jumping up and down and getting into the music that some claim the floor was warping noticeably; an architect had to be consulted to make sure the floor could withstand the beating it was taking. In short, a very awesome party, with a good time shared by all.


    The 2013 conbook has been made available for all to view online, so if you were unable to attend this year and missed out you can still see the entirety of the conbook, which includes user submitted content such as stories and art, event descriptions, guest bios, and more! You can find the PDF link here.

    And so another Everfree Northwest has come and gone. But don’t worry my friends, we’re already getting ready for next year’s convention, which will take place again at the SeaTac Airport Hilton Hotel and Conference Center from July 4th-6th, 2014, so be sure to mark the date! Be sure to check up on our website, Twitter, Facebook, and tumblr when you can, as we’ll be posting news and updates as they become available.

    We look forward to seeing you next year!

    BronyCon Mini-print Project

    Bronycon Miniprint Project- featuring just over forty artists and fifty miniprints to collect drawn specifically for this project, the result is a symbol of dedication... I wonder what sort of cutiemark that would be?  We are offering the project online for those that cannot make it to the convention. With several options from full sets, singles, to random packs with a chance in random packs to receive hand-drawn art, we feel this project reflects our combined love of the fandom. Supplies are limited. One they are gone we will not be printing more.    Visit the website for ordering information or pick up yours at Bronycon!