• Nightly Roundup #596

    Hope you all had a Happy Derpy Day everyone! Looks like Derpy sure did considering all those muffins around her throne. Let's get this weekend kicked off this some news!

    Quantum Mechanics Explained with Ponies

    Ah, science and it goes even better with ponies!

    Season 3 in PMV Format

    Have a retrospective look at season 3 in PMV format.

    Comedian Uncle Yo Does Bit on Ponies

    A comedian going by the name Uncle Yo has done a comedic bit on ponies which you can find up above!

    Western Washington University Reports on Ponies

    The school newspaper at WWU has done a little piece on the pony fans at their university! For the full article check the link below.

    Newspaper Link

    Sweet Treats!

    Swoozie Watches Pony

    The popular Youtuber, Swoozie, has admitted to watching ponies in one of his new episodes! You can find the admittance around the 2 minute mark, but the whole episode is pretty funny so I'd advise watching from the beginning.


    BronyComms - New Episode

    Copy Paste:

    In today's two commentaries, Shadrow and Fertro actually hold detailed topics of discussion for several seconds at a time! The relevance of said topics is still up for debate, but nevertheless they do indeed talk about things!

    Magic Duel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyzRHAqiIsg
    Sleepless in Ponyville: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMY9wolw5kg


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    WoW Guild

    Copy Paste:

    Set Phasers to Hug
    Faction: Alliance
    Guild Leader: Pastelle
    Realm: Sen'jin
    "Does water make you feel funny? Is your primary function failure? Have you ever wanted to go on an existential rampage through Stormwind? If so, you may be a robot. Join <Set Phasers to Hug> and ask about our robot rehabilitation program today."

    Brony in Need of Help

    Copy Paste:

    There is a fellow Brony that lives in North Dakota who is in need of financial help is looking to raise money to pay his debts. He is offering plushie commissions and other sorts of commissions. It doesn't appear that he is looking for a handout. His plushies look nice and he needs any kind of support he can get.

    Here is his dA account: http://xsjado78.deviantart.com/

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Perler Pony Cosplay
    Derpy Day Plushie
    Plushie Giveaway 
    Pony Hats

    This Day in Pony History - March 2, 2011-2012

    2011 - EqD hits 500,000 views!

    2012 - Lauren Faust speaks about her new project after leaving ponies.