• Lauren Faust Joins "Mane 6"

    As you all know, Fighting is Magic was a very promising fan-made fighting game that unfortunately was subject to a cease and desist order by Hasbro. Many people were understandably shocked and saddened by this and thought that it spelled death for the project. Well, good news, folks: this is not the case.

    Lauren Faust, who needs no introduction, has joined Mane 6, the team that created Fighting is Magic. Now, the game they're developing is NOT going to be Fighting is Magic- it's going to be based on a all-new IP assisted by Laruen Faust. She had this to say:

    Hey folks! I’m so super psyched to be a part of this! I hope I can do my little part to help Mane6 finish up this game in a way that stays true to the spirit of the original—but in a way that can freely be shared! I hope you like what we come up with. -LF

    You can view the full article on their website, here.