• Random Merch: Wallets, Pop-up Books, Cups, and More!

    Image credit: Nikki
    Hot Topic has added another wallet, this time fully dedicated to Derpy.  Remember when she was just an animation error in the background? Derpy sure has come far!

    Have a bunch of random merch! All after the break as always.

    Drinking Stuff! 

    A website called Zulily has a bit of pony stuff in stock, including a few mugs, some cups, and a collapsible water bottle. 

    Thanks to Meghan for the heads up! 

    Random Activity and popup book

    If this popped up a year ago we would never see an end to Rarityshy shipping fics.
    A Green Isn't Your Color storybook with punch-out costumes and buildings has popped up with 9.99.  Not a bad price for the amount of stuff you can build.

    Thanks to ASC for the images!

    Crystal Empire Fashion Style Pinkie

    I'll be honest, I get these brushable ponies mixed up.  I think this is new though! I haven't seen those hats at least.

    This toy was found on Taobao by Christine! Expect it to invade the rest of the world soon!

    And that about covers it for this edition of random merch! Happy hunting!