• 500,000 Views News Post!

    Half a million page views for a pony blog? How the hell did that happen?  I think the nature of this site causes large amounts of pageviews though, there are links everywhere.  Analytics says I have around 15,000 unique visitors.

    (thanks to Cereal Velocity for the image btw, truly an amazing use of lens flare if I do say so myself)

    Anyway news time! You can find it after the post break!

    The Archeology event did exactly what it was supposed to do, even if I did fudge the beginning due to my screwing up.  Stories that were nominated got viewed, and the stories that were chosen got tons of comments.  Next time hopefully it will be a bit more organized, and longer.  I was honestly just testing it out with this one. Feel free to continue to leave feedback on the post, I make it a goal to read every comment on event posts for tips and stuff.

    >Quality Control
    And with so many visitors, comes a lot of random...stuff.  I have received piles of emails complaining about some of the stories on the site. I agree, there are some bad eggs floating around in the archive that make simply browsing story-by-story for new people a chore.  I honestly suck at telling people no, but I've been doing it a lot more lately (mainly for youtube videos surprisingly).  A huge amount of people are coming directly from Deviant Art, and we all know what that means. 

    I am considering Deleting stories that drop below 3/5.  The start system is a bit exploitable though, so if I see tons of people love it, but it has a terrible rating, I'll just assume someone decided to proxy and vote a bunch of times to spite people. I don't have time to read everything, and I don't want to be the be all end all of a stories success, so please, have a few people proofread it first, and post it on /co/ for some feedback.  If English isn't your first language, have someone who does write clean English fix it up a bit. 

    And here is a big one... Youtube.  I get 10 Youtube videos a day of random scenes pasted ontop of a soundtrack.  (Most of) the Youtube videos in the archive are because they did something awesome.  That epic 7 artist one for example remixed 7 songs and had almost perfect lip syncing.  The Elder Scrolls one took a trailer for a game and made Spike the dragonborn that everyone who has ever been obsessed with oblivion/morrowind was amazed to hear about.   Don't just paste the Twilight Vs Nightmare Moon fight on top of your favorite metal song and send it. 

    >Story Archive Re-sorting
    I'm looking for a way to create hierarchical menu's for the story archive.  Something like Click Rainbow Dash-->See ship/grim/normal, click one for a list of all storys while the others stay collapsed.  CTRL+F is cool and all, but I still think it would be neat to have a menu thing.  Blogger has a separate HTML section built into posts.  If anyone knows how I could pull something like this off, let me know! You can of course still use Fairy Slayer's Table for easy sorting access HERE

    >Writefriend/Drawfriend Friendoff for March
    The last event was tons of fun for a lot of people, and pulling it off again would help get the community back on the same page. Unfortunately, some of our best contributes still have another 9 days on their bans.  I also got bumped in hours at work, so I have to choose a specific day to host it where I will actually be around to upload everything.

    And this fell on...March 14.  Yah it's way out there... I know. So we have some time to brainstorm I guess! 

    Anyway this is already way passed tl;dr for the majority of you.  Thanks for hanging out on the site!  It's actually a lot more fun than it should be to organize and keep everything rolling here.  I definitely couldn't do this without you guys though.  All the emails with content and stuff really helps a ton so keep it up! 

    This community is an awesome one, and if it keeps growing at the alarming rate it currently is, I think we might start seeing MLP:FiM pretty much everywhere!  And for the first time ever, I'm cool with that.  It was my original intention to keep everyone connected somehow in the giant mess of /co/ threads and random internet forums, and considering how limited my HTML skills are I think I've done a pretty good job. 

    So onward to 1 million!

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