• Michelle Creber Announced for Cloudsdale Congress

    All you Applebloom fans might have something to look forward to at the upcoming Cloudsdale Congress.  It looks like shes planning on attending.  Along with that, a whole bunch of other fandom people have been announced.  Head on down below the break for the full press release!

    Even this close to the convention, the staff of Cloudsdale Congress is working hard to provide you with everything you could want at a convention, starting first and foremost with the talented actors who give the characters their voice. We’re thrilled to have Michael Daingerfield, Garry Chalk, and Lee Tockar in attendance, and hope you all are too.

    Of course, we’re by no means done! Michelle Creber will also be appearing at the Mid-Atlantic’s newest pony convention, and we couldn’t be happier. You know Miss Creber as the voice of Applebloom and the singing voice of Sweetie Belle, but she’s also an accomplished singer in her own right. She recently released an album featuring her covers of various songs literally spanning a century, complete with musical stylings of Mandopony, The Living Tombstone, and her own musically-talented family. And she’s only thirteen!

    We should have a fully realized schedule within the next few days, but for now, we’ll just leave you with a list of all the musicians scheduled to perform at the con concert, or in our
    acoustic lounge, so you can have a more relaxed, personal pony experience.
    Poni1Kenobi ,Cyril the Wolf, ForestRain, M_Pallante ,Tetsuo, AdditiveSubtractive, Smor3s, HollowPoint, Dj Macgramaman, MRPPony, ExplodingHeartTechnique, F3nning ,Silva Hound, EletroKasplosion,  SGT Whip, Echelon, Starborne, dbPony, IbeaBronyRapper, Coconeru, and JoaftheLoaf. That’s a lot of names, and we sure hope you can find a few in there that you’ll enjoy!
    If you want more than just to attend, and think you can help be a part of this convention, feel free to volunteer. You’re what makes this all happen, so why not literally make it happen?  If you'd like to lend a hand to make Cloudsdale Congress the best and smoothest-running con it can be, then contact us at [email protected]com.  We've got openings for Safety Staff, Line Wranglers, Gophers, Registration and more!

    We’ve also got some truly unique panels lined up, including an Equestrian Self Defense course detailing some basic martial arts and how the discipline can be related to candy colored equines; an Inspiration panel headed by ForestRain and Starborne, showing you how you can affect someone’s life by being different; and Confound These Ponies!, a combination of story time, shipping wars, and a chance to share your own experiences as a Brony.

    Time is running out to register!  With voice actors coming in and panel schedules being finalized, there’s never been better reasons to attend
    Cloudsdale Congress! Grab your wings, take to the skies, and maybe we’ll see you in Cloudsdale!