• Music of the Day #66

    Music of the day time! We have 16 tracks in this one, from all sorts of walks of life.  Head on down below to check them all out!

    [1] Source
    Filly Love(Original Mix) - Errar404
    Genre:  Progressive House

    [2] Source
    Commander Khaos - Alicorn's Dreams
    Genre: Instrumental - Orchestral

    [3] Source
    So Many Wonders (174UDSI Remix)
    Genre: Remix

    [4] Source
    Beauty of a Setting Sun - Caine the Doombringer
    Genre: Vocal - Alt. Rock

    [5] Source
    Epic Discord - Orignial 8-bit song by Joaftheloaf
    Genre: Remix - 8 bit

    [6] Source
    GatoPaint Feat. EileMonty - Lost On The Moon ( Rock Cover )
    Genre: Remix - Rock

    [7] Source
    Nostalgia - the Phony Brony
    Genre: Instrumental

    [8] Source
    Cyanlights - Pony House Party
    Genre: Instrumental

    [9] Source
    Ascension [Metal Theme]
    Genre:  Instrumental - Metal

    [10] Source
    Butterflies - ByCelestiasBeard
    Genre: Instrumental - Drum and Bass

    [11] Source
    Millennium (The View from up Here) - Instrumental
    Genre: Instrumental - Chiptune

    [12] Source
    Radiarc - Loved One
    Genre: Instrumental

    [13] Source
    Gamma ft. MKC - The Darkness Has Eyes [Instrumental]
    Genre: Instrumental

    [14] Source
    Laughter Song (Giggle at the Ghostly) - Flamenco Arrangement
    Genre: Remix

    [15] Source
    Of Winter Coolness - Original MLP Music by CrimzonAE
    Genre:  Insturmental

    [16] Source
    Meelz - Song For Twilight (1 Year Anniversary Redux)
    Genre: Vocal