• Spotlight Instrumental Music: Through Equestria / Pony Concerto no. 2 (Magic Duel) / Pinkie Pie Style

    It seems almost like Music of the Day has become the EQD instrumental music hotspot. It's the most common music style in this fandom after all! Every once in a while we get some excellent ones, and that's when a spotlight post happens.

    First off is a nine minute long orchestral  epic that sounds like it came right out of a high budget motion picture or something.  It covers pretty much everything on the orchestral spectrum, from the low soothing to the upbeat and invigorating. 

    And in the second slot, we have a battle style piano concerto based on Magic Duel, complete with all the showboatyness you would expect from the Great and Powerful one.  With five yes votes from the reviewers, it was pretty much unanimous.

    And finally, for all you electronic fans out there, we have a bit of Pinkie Pie vocal splicing dance music.  It was split down the middle on votes, but one of the more instrumentally inclined music reviewers dropped a "I don't think I've heard something labeled "brony music" that is this sophisticated in terms of harmony for a LONG WHILE.".  I'll trust him on that one!

    Find all three below.

    1.) [Orchestral] Through Equestria
    2.) Yourenigma - Pony Concerto no. 2 (Magic Duel)
    3.) Pinkie Pie Style

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here