• Nightly Roundup #554

    I still say Fluttershy needs a permanent hoodie, bunny ears, goggles, and socks.  Rarity really does know how to make a pony look great, even if she did seem to randomly choose a bunch of items and mash them togeather.

    Have some roundup!

    My Little Visuals PMV Challenge

    Copy Paste:

    “This is a PMV Challenge hosted by MyLittleVisuals. The objective is to make an at least 15 second long PMV within the timespan of 24 hours. You’ll find more info on the challenge rules etc. in the following Google Document and YouTube video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgKQL0MJU7c

    The deadline is January 20th at 6PM GMT +1 so join while you can! We have lots of participants so far and would love to see some more!

    Ponies Invade Chrome DevTools Video

    Yeah, Google employees rock.  At least I think they are google employees.  This is an official channel right? I haven't a clue!

    Find the video here anyway, if anything you get some Pinkie Pie.

    More Scribblenauts Pony

    I'll let you guess what these are.


    Brony Clubhouse Episode 4

    Get ready for some Spike overload! In this episode, the Brony Clubhouse reviews "Spike At Your Service" and takes a trip down memory lane for some Spike-themed Pony History with Cayci. We're also introducing our music and audio producer Kevin Garnica, an up-and-coming Brony DJ. Lastly, we'll be reviewing the first two editions of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Comic by IDW Publishing, so beware of possible spoilers.


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    MLPCRadio Podcast

    We've got a full slate of segments for you today to enjoy on today's edition!
    SarfTheMagnifico and Amonisis, along with special guest, artist and musician SlightlyShade, bring to you their second Advice Column podcast.
    Chef Clyde Stale brings us a special cooking segment. Xeainth interviews musician Vivace Capriccioso about stringed instruments.
    And of course, Shuckle brings us the news from around the fandom! Enjoy the show, and let us know what you think! Thanks to all our listeners!

    Successful Meetups

    Providence Dave and Buster's Meetup

     Saturday we held a joint meetup with Boston Bronies and RI Bronies at Dave & Buster's in the Providence Mall. We had 30 members between the two groups attend and had a great time eating dinner, watching football, playing games, and of course talking about all things MLP. A special shoutout to Nostalgia Schmaltz who celebrated his birthday with us! Happy birthday Nostalgia!! Thanks to all those who attended!

    Waterloo Ontario

    The Waterloo Ontario brony meetup brought together 6 members of the
    fandom this past Sunday. Unfortunately a couple weren't able to make
    it but it was a nice turnup for the FIRST meeting in our city.


    Over 50 members, some not pictured, met once again at the Grove Theatre of High Places Community Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee to watch an exclusive pre-release of the Documentary, and discuss it on Saturday the 12th. Alex Tibcken, one of the highlighted stories, attended and engaged us during the discussion panel. He begins talking in the first minute. Everypony seemed to enjoy themselves thoroughly, and the discussion was very enlightening. We want to thank Michael Brockhoff and the crew for supplying and creating the documentary, the church for allowing us to use their space for the venue, and all the bronies who helped to create the film.
    While this group is primarily the hub for the East Tennessee region, we are always looking for stray bronies to join from anywhere, though joining your local herd is always encouraged. We try to do reasonably sized events at least once a month.
    Part 1 of the discussion panel can be viewed here, with links to the rest:
    For more info on the group visit our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/KnoxvilleBronies/

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    GW2 Guild

    Bronies of Tyria, the Solar Republic [SR] is looking to start up a cetralized brony guild for Sanctum of Rall! come join us in your struggle against the darkness, as we bring light to the world of Tyria!

    World: Sanctum of Rall
    Guild: Solar Republic [SR]
    Character: Princesscelestia (OR) Starr.4580

    Desert Bronies Inland Empire Meetup

    Desert Bronies, in partnership with Inland Empire Bronies, is proud to announce an awesome day to get Bronies out of their winter hermit caves! We're going to spend most of the day at Gameworks and will roll around the Ontario Mills Mall. Anyone from Southern California is welcome to come out and have some fun! We’ll be meeting outside of GameWorks next to the movies and near the mall entrance at 12:00pm sharp on January 19th, 2012.

    There will be special prizes for beating the group owners/admins in games! You’re more than welcome to bring any merchandise to give out as prizes! You could win exclusive prints and brohooves from KibbieTheGreat on deviant art, comics and more from KurisD on deviant art, and maybe some other random special prizes thrown in as well. So we hope everyone tries their best!

    We hope to see everyone come out and have a good time!

    -Desert Bronies & Inland Empire Bronies

    Contact links

    UNT Group

    Hey all!

    We're UNT Bronies, a small brony group at the University of North Texas looking to expand. We've noticed there are several bronies there, but we seem to be scattered and isolated at the moment and we want to fix that.


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Sweetie Belle Glass

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