• Music of the Day #52

    The other day was filled with instrumental, and this one is dominated by vocals and remixes! Hope you guys want words now after that no-word break!

    Check them out below.

    [1] Source
    Steven, A.D. - Simple
    Genre: Vocal - Rap

    [2] Source
    Andrew Clocksin - Cadence (Dj Gestap remix)
    Genre: Instrumental - Remix

    [3] Source
    Applebuckin' (Female Cover)
    Genre: Vocal - Cover

    [4] Source
    Genre: Vocal - Acoustic

    [5] Source
    Lost (The coming Race) Intro
    Genre: Instrumental

    [6] Source
    Zykrath - Unfathomable Beauty
    Genre: Instrumental

    [7] Source
    All Because of You (By TheDashDub ft. Faux)
    Genre: Vocal - Lullasynth

    [8] Source
    Super Ponybeat Ultimate Cross - Fluttershy Sanctuary
    Genre: Remix

    [9] Source
    Dreamscape (Luna) - Retrotype [EP Release]
    Genre: Instrumental - Progressive Trance

    [10] Source
    Nameless Warning - Design With Me
    Genre: Vocal - Jazz

    [11] Source
    Jasper Synth - Draconequus
    Genre: Experimental

    [12] Source
    3SPIRIT- Twi's Light
    Genre: Instrumental - Trance

    [13] Source
    [EP Announcement + 400 Sub Special] Legion - Good Things are Better
    Genre: Instrumental -  House

    [14] Source
    Super Ponybeat Ultimate Cross - Twilight Sparkle's Ice World
    Genre: Remix

    [15] Source
    Feather, Rhyme Flow, & Legion -Apples Of My Eye (The Combine Remix)
    Genre: Vocal - Rap

    [16] Source
    AgileDash & RainbowRapper - Somepony Like You (Ft. SubSound)
    Genre: Vocal

    [17] Source
    Buffalo Brony - Vinyl Scratch!
    Genre: Vocal - Pop

    [18] Source
    Resonantwaves - The Temple of Ice
    Genre: Instrumental - Ambient

    [19] Source
    [Metal Cover] SuperMetal RainBoom (w. Nimble Note)
    Genre: Vocal - Metal

    [20] Source
    Boo Hoo ( Risen Remix / Short)
    Genre: Remix

    [21] Source
    {Sori 52} PPSREMIX
    Genre: Remix

    [22] Source
    Hush - TheDashDub ft Danielpony
    Genre: Instrumental

    [23] Source
    Beyond Her Garden Rock! [ Cover ]
    Genre: Remix

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