• Convention Compilation - January 15th

     It's that time once again! We have four conventions with announcements.  Check out the headlines below, and full releases after the break!

    And to convention heads/organizers - I am setting up a section on EQD with a listing of conventions.  For those that have not been emailed, please send the following by Friday if you want in on the initial post:

    A 700x250 banner for your convention
    The location and Date
    A short description paragraph

    This section will be stickied to the side bar, but the initial listing will be on the front page here, so be sure to get your stuff in before Friday!

    Announcing Appleoosacon
    BronyCon Rears its Hooves to Rock Baltimore with BronyPalooza
    CANterlot Con Press Release
    BronyCan Kickstarter

    Announcing Appleloosacon!

    It's finally time for a My Little Pony convention to come to Phoenix. The United Bronies of Arizona are proud to present to you AppleloosaCon, with the help of the Phoenix Convention Center we hope to put on an awesome convention for everyone to enjoy.

    Appleloosacon will be happening from Friday April 19th, to Sunday April 21st of 2013, so be prepared to reserve your passes soon! In fact, as an incentive, all passes until the beginning of Feburary, are just less than 35 dollars for the full event! You can get your passes on our website here:

    The Phoenix Convention Center is an amazing venue, which will allow us to make this a convention to remember for fillies and gentlecolts alike! We have room for all the fun anyone could ask for, with
    everything from a large gaming room, to MLP Videos and PMV rooms, we'll even Karaoke, as well as a variety of interesting panels and events for everyone to enjoy.

    We are also proud to have several guests looking forward to appearing at AppleloosaCon, and look forward to welcoming more as time goes on! So keep an eye out for some exciting announcements soon on our website: http://appleloosacon.com/

    This convention is being brought to you by the United Bronies of Arizona, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping bronies in Arizona, and the Arizona community as a whole, the majority of the proceeds from your attendance will go to charities such as the Phoenix Children's Hospital and other Charitable works in the community. So you can feel secure in knowing that your attendance is helping both yourself, and the community as a whole.

    -United Bronies of Arizona

    BronyCon Rears its Hooves to Rock Baltimore with BronyPalooza: Adds More Musicians

    BronyCon 2013 is looking to rock hard and drop the bass during its Aug. 2-4 event in Baltimore, filling the halls of the Baltimore Convention Center with even more musicians for BronyPalooza.

    Keeping to the promise of being the largest brony concert in the world, BronyCon has turned the heat for BronyPalooza by expanding its previously announced lineup. The new lineup adds to the mix the musical talents of DannyBrony, DerpyGrooves, Alex S, OmniPony, BronyMike, Odyssey Eurobeat, F3nning, SMOR3S and Red Woolen Colts—a band featuring HardCopy, Tarby, DerpyGrooves, HeyLasFas, Cyril, Equestrian Strumpet and NewWorldMare.

    Come help BronyPalooza’s musical guests turn Baltimore into Baltimare by registering for BronyCon 2013. Your BronyCon admission will be required to attend BronyPalooza.

    If that still is not enough to satisfy your groove, more musicians will be announced at a later date. The full musical lineup can be viewed online at BronyPalooza’s Web page, which also features information about each musical guest and samples of their music.

    With all the rocking you will be doing at BronyPalooza, do not forget to stay well rested. BronyCon has recently expanded its hotel block with great deals on room rates at the Fairfield Inn and Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor hotel, both of which are within close walking distance of the Baltimore Convention Center. Information on pricing and discount codes can be found at BronyCon’s hotel Web page.

    Additionally, if you are interested in helping with BronyPalooza or any other events at BronyCon 2013, BronyCon’s A/V department is seeking technologically savvy people to assist with the behind-the-scenes setup, operation and maintenance of live audio, video and lighting equipment. To apply, visit BronyCon’s staff page.

    Attention musicians: If you are interested in playing a live set at BronyPalooza, it’s not too late to apply for a performance slot. The deadline for applications to perform at BronyPalooza is 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Thursday, Jan. 31. Visit BronyPalooza’s Web page and apply today so that you will not miss out on this opportunity to perform in front of an audience of thousands of bronies with some of the fandom’s greatest legends.

    CANterlot Con Press Release

    "Well hey there everypony, GT here with some exciting news! We all know about Brony conventions down south, whether it's BronyCon, Canterlot Gardens, or Equestria LA. Well, I'm here to tell you about a CANADIAN convention, for those of us above the 49th parallel! We are CANterlot Con, southern Ontario’s first EVER pony convention. We're located in my beautiful city of Toronto, Ontario, and hope to cater to the Canadian Bronies convention needs.

    I’m pleased to announce to all you Bronies and Pegasisters that we will be holding the con on the weekend of September 14-15, 2013! Exciting, isn’t it?! The next step is now to start fundraising to make this as big as success as we can!

    We have an Indiegogo campaign, so head on over there and help us make the con a success! We have some pretty awesome rewards for key sponsors, as well as some one-of-a-kind items! www.indiegogo.com/canterlotcon2013

    We will be posting the info at our website, www.canterlot.com, and are also on Facebook and Twitter. Our Facebook fan page is www.facebook.com/CaNterlotCon and our Twitter handle is @CANterlotCon. Come like us and get first hoof updates, before all your friends!

    Speaking of friends, we can always use more. That’s why on our website we have a volunteer form to fill out if you wanna be a part of the fun! That’s all for now, hope you all had a very merry hearths warming eve, and enjoy the new year! Be safe!"

    BronyCan Kickstarter

    BronyCAN is pleased to announce our kickstarter is 30% complete! We have seen both minor and major donations at http://www.indiegogo.com/bronycan. Every little bit helps and we encourage everyone to donate what they can however large or small. If you're unable to donate, you can still help out by spreading news about BronyCAN and our kickstarter URL! We have many wonderful reward tiers available for the kickstarter. From getting your OC drawn, plushies, gift cards, lifetime con-passes, dinners with guests/staff and more! Every little bit helps Canada and B.C. get itself on the Brony convention map. Thanks to all for current and future support.

    BronyCAN is Canada's premier pony convention taking place in beautiful British Columbia. We look forward to seeing everypony out at our wonderful convention. Whether you are coming or not, drop us a line on our twitter @bronyCAN as we love to chat! We can also be found on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BronyCAN and our main website at http://www.bronycan.com/