• Tumblr Spotlight: Ask the CMC / Ask Young Pinkamena / Ask Movie Slate

    Hello again everyone! Calpain back again with another Tumblr Spotlight, covering some of the tumblrs out there you may have missed as you trek through the massive world known as Tumblrpon. It's been awhile since our last edition, so let's hopefully kick this one off with some good tumblrs shall we?

    First off on our list tonight is Ask the Cutie Mark Crusaders, a wonderful blog ran by the incredibly talented pony fan who brought us Picture Perfect Pony! Before he was known for his animations, he was known for this cute little tumblr, detailing the adventures of the CMC with very charming and show accurate style artwork. Following the form of many other Ask style tumblrs out there, the CMC answer questions from the audience, but also occasionally delve into story arcs as well. So, if you're a fan of the CMC, of Picture Perfect Pony or both it's certainly a tumblr worth checking out!

    Ask the Cutie Mark Crusaders - Current Page - First Page

    Check after the break for our other two tumblr spotlights! As always, please send any tumblrs you think deserve a feature to either [email protected] or to my Twitter @CalpainEqD

    Our next tumblr is rather cute and I must say unique as well! Ask Young Pinkamena is an adorable tumblr chronicling the life of a much younger and seemingly happier Pinkamena. What makes this particular tumblr interesting to me though is it's country of origin. While a lot of the material we receive at EqD is from the Americas, Europe, and down Australia way, I must admit to not seeing as much material come out of Asia so it was surprising to see this little tumblr originate from what looks like South Korea.

    Filled with charming pics resulting from answering a variety of questions, this tumblr is worth a look for the cute factor alone! Plus the author has recently begun translating new answers into English so others can partake in the fun. Check it out below!

    Ask Young Pinkamena - Current Page - First Page

    Our last tumblr for tonight's edition is for you movie fans out there! Serving as an example of an OC tumblr done right, Ask Movie Slate tells the tale of Movie Slate, the owner of the only movie theater in Ponyville. Thanks to generous contributions by visitors she is able to keep growing her collection of movies for her and the rest of Ponyville's residents to view at their pleasure, giving some quirky commentary along the way.

    So pull up a chair and get some popcorn yourself as you dive into Movie Slate's world and don't forget to leave a film of your own behind when you leave. After all, a movie mare has to have something to watch, right?

    Ask Movie Slate - Current Page - First Page

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