• Marathons and Streams - December 14th - Andrea Libman Joins the Festivities!

    It's too bad that whole leak thing happened, cause it looks like Andrea Libman is going to be sneaking in to the post show at Bronystate and Celestia Radio this week to discuss the episode!  Can Saturdays get cooler?

    You guys better watch it anyway! Support The Hub!

    Have some streams for the day after the break, as well as more information on the Andrea Libman post show. 

    Hello everyone! BronyState here with a special announcement regarding this week's Pony Episode Livestream. Our Post-Show is going to have a special guest: Voice Actress of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, Andrea Libman! She'll be chatting live with staff from both BronyState and Celestia Radio and giving reactions and thoughts of the episode right after it airs! We'll be posting more info on our site regarding this special Post-Show in the near future so be sure to check frequently throughout the week. She'll be joining with us around 11:00 AM EST this Saturday December 15th, which is at the end of the new MLP:FiM Episode.

    Hope to see you all there!

    Celestia Radio: http://ponify.me/







    Brony TV


    Even if the episode is leaked, Bronytv is proud to bring you this weeks mare-a-thon anyway for "Wonderbolt Academy AKA Top Colt". This week brings the staple of a My Little Pony marathon, Friendship is Witchcraft, random PMV's and music all leading to this weeks episode just as nature intended: when it airs. Hope to see you there!

    MLP Forums

    Once again, MLP Forums will be hosting a movie night and pony marathon followed by a live stream of the new episode in the morning. We'll start the night off with two films, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire starting at 4:00 PM EST followed by Ghostbusters at 6:35 PM. Immediately following the movies we'll have a marathon of seasons one and two starting at 8:20 PM and lasting until the new episode airs at 10:30 AM.

    It all takes place at our official site, Equestria.tv. Hope to see you there!

     Brony Network

    Hey Guys we got some great stuff to play this weekend, were adding 4 movies to be played before the midnight marathon on our old channel, BronyNetwork3, so if u got nothing else to do in the night then we got some movies for ya to play. Meanwhile at BronyNetwork4 @ Midnight we'll be playing our usual MLP:FIM marathon all randomize with pony music videos (PMV'S). then @6am it's 3 hours saving the world with Doctor Who. then @8:30am it's a full hour of science with Bill Nye The Science Guy, then @9:30am is the MLP:FIM Season 3 Pre-show where we catch up on 2 season 3 episodes leading up to the new episode. then @10:30am is the new episode of MLP, then finally @11am after the new episode is the entire day of MLP marathon. we hope to see you there ^^
    Friday Movie Night: (Timezone will be played in Eastern U.S. Time) 
    @8pm (Movies that'll play in order)
    "Shriek if you know what i did last friday the 13th"
    "Scary Movie"
    "Scary Movie 2"
    "Evil Dead" 

    @Midnight MLP Marathon (Randomize Episodes W/ PMV'S) 
    @6am Doctor Who Marathon
    @8:30am Bill Nye The Science Guy 
    @9:30am MLP Season 3 Pre-Show
    @10:30am MLP Season 3 New Episode
    @11am MLP Marathon (Played in Order ALL DAY!!) 

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