• Nightly Roundup #525

    Hope you all are having a wonderful evening/day as we wrap up another day of pony. Friday is finally upon us which means just getting through this one last day till we can enjoy the weekend and another episode of pony of course.

    Anyhow, time for some news folks! Check it out after the break.

    Ponibooru Film Night

    Copy Paste:

    Poster artist DaisyHead here. Because this is a pony fandom this week's film night will be pony related. And christmassy. Our feature film will be My Little Pony's A Very Minty Christmas. We will purvay the wonders of G3 ponies with Tabatha St. Germain as the main character, Minty, with the Great and Powerful Kathleen Barr as a miscellaneous background character and see the real origin of sock ponies.
                Because this is only 40 min long we will be showing a double feature with Atomic Betty. A show about a Canadian girl who fights intergalctic criminals. We will be showing the Christmas special The No-L 9. 

               Hosts for this week:
               Harlequinn Jester
               Roboshi (to his his chagrin)
               Feral Socks
               And Random Fanguy

    Location of the movie night will be here: 
    Times will be Friday 4:00 EST/ 7:00 PST    Saturday Midnight GMT

    Awesome Pony Ties!

    Looking for something to spruce up your attire? Check out these awesome ties!

    Artist Page With Commission Info

    Fanfiction Contest on MLPchan Begins!

    Copy Paste:

    The Fanfiction portion of the Christmas writeoff being held at MLPchan.net begins tomorrow, with the art portion finishing tonight.
    Details can be found in the thread here 

    The prize for the winner of both the art and fic portions will be one of the following:

    2012: Year in Review Pony Parody

    New Stepmania / In The Groove Pack

    Got some new music for you folks that enjoy music based games! Check out the full details below:

    I've just finished up a simfile pack composed of 10 fairly well known songs made by various brony artists. The pack consists of 9 charts each, 5 for Single and 4 for Double. It also includes 2 modded courses, so there is definitely something for everyone! You can find a run-through of the song list on this video, as well as links to the musicians and graphic artists whose work is featured in this pack under the video description: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XseBYx5bMY

    MLP Comic Makes It To Wikipedia Front Page

    This comic keeps popping up everywhere! Who would have known it would make such an impact on not only pony, but on outside communities as well. Check out the screen grab below to see pony on the front page!

    'Ponyhammer' Table Top Needs Testing

    A pony fan out there called AribanDeTyral has created a table top game very similar to the Warhammer table top series. Utilizing the blindbags as figures, six sided die, and a ruler, pony fans who have an interest in table top games can have a good time following the rule set below. It's only a first draft right now so he'd like any sort of creative feedback that you guys can give!

    Ponyhammer Link

    Best Pony Tattoo


    Cantercast Daily Episode 4

    Copy Paste:

    Cantercast Daily #004

    Today the crew from Cantercast Daily (one of the official podcasts of canterlot.net) discussed  Doctor Who being beaten by MLP, DHX Media Hiring, EQLA opening up it’s registration, and much more!

    Come join us every Sunday at 9pm EST for Cantercast Weekly and every Monday through Friday at 11am EST for the new Cantercast Daily! Come to canterlot.net for news and community fun.

    Mystery Pony Theater 20,000

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    Ya know I think this is the first episode that has gone off with a hitch in a while, anywho sit back with some popcorn turn on that youtube captioning for extra giggles and enjoy another episode of Mystery Pony Theater 20,000. and also if your too impatient for Saturday check out out channel.

    Cloudsdale Cafe - Episode 3

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    This Episode of the Cloudsdale Cafe Spotlight has been broth to you by http://cloudsdale.org/

    This week we are interviewing yet another artist, and his name is Winter Frost.
    You can check out his art work from his tumblr at

    And please make sure to subscribe and give us a follow on Tumblr at

    Band of Bronies Episode 8

    Copy Paste:

    Passed the Wonderbolts academy?  No?

    Well what a shame, how about watching our podcast to take your mind off it.

    This week, we talk about some controversies and the end of the Studly Stallion Stache-Off

    Don't forget to tune in, Saturday, 11.30am EST, only on Everypony Radio

    Brony Clubhouse Network - Episode 1

    Copy Paste:

    On behalf of the Brony Clubhouse Network, we have released our first episode! Check it out and hopefully you guys post it! 


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Swedish Brony Charity Event!

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    Swedish Bronies. Unite and heed the call of charity!

    The annual radio show for charity "Musikhjälpen" is well under way. The donations this year goes to childrens right to clean and healthy water in poor areas of the world!
    Every minute around the clock a child dies due to unhealthy drinking water!

    Therefore I've started a digital donation box that's directly connected to Radiohjälpen! Using your cellphone and an SMS (this unfortunately only works in Sweden) you can choose to donate 50, 100 or 200 crowns! Just follow the link below, enter you cellphone number and follow the instructions! And spread the link to all your friends!


    As Rarity is our witness, join me fellow bronies under the banner of generosity! Together we can save lives!

    Pony Art Forum

    Copy Paste:

    Have you been searching for a place to get feedback from others about your fantastic art work?
    Have you been dying to collaborate with someone but never found the right person?
    Have you been looking to make new pals with other great Pony artists?

    Well then Visually Derpy is the place for you!

    The only MyLittlePony Forum dedicated to our fandoms awesome artwork!

    This Forum is dedicated entirely to MyLittlePony related artwork. PMVs, Wallpapers, Vectors, Drawings you name it! You can freely showcase and help out others at your own will. Art has always been a great part of our community and it always will be. So why not Join us and many others? Even if you're just starting out and need a little assistance you are completely welcome here. We don't bite. Whatever your style, Whatever you make, You are always welcome. No guidelines, just art. 


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Perler Pony Mystery Bag - Small - Large

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