• Drawfriend Stuff #653

    With all of these Derpy freakouts in the EQD  submit box, I think it's time for a Derpy header!  I'd also recommend you guys hit up the mlp comic, or the Funko toys if they are ever back in stock,  cause shes alive and well over there!

    Have some art!

    Source 1
    Derpy_And_Derpy c

    Source 2
    Chrysalis, the Voidreaver

    Source 3
    Dark Corrupted Rarity

    Source 4
    MLP - Yin vs Yang

    Source 5
    Stage Fright

    Source 6
    Pinkie Shy

    Source 7

    Source 8
    Dare you its on :FIM title card series

    Source 9
    Say Cheese, Dashie!

    Source 10
    Cutie Mark Crusaders Havin' Milkshakes

    Source 11
    Charity Commission - First Date

    Source 12
    A Sister, Huh?

    Source 13
    CalamityB31 [OC]

    Source 14
    Secret Santa Gift!

    Source 15

    Source 16
    Derpy Hooves and Snowdeer

    Source 17
    Octavia Seasons Greetings Thank You Card

    Source 18
    Inkie and Blinkie

    Source 19
    And Into Her Own Reflection She Stared

    Source 20
    Pinkie Pie - The Mane Dress Project

    Source 21
    Blue Night

    Source 22
    Some ponies

    Source 23

    Source 24
    Twilight Sparkle The Warrior

    Source 25

    Source 26
    Race Against Armageddon [COMMISSION]

    Source 27
    Humanized Princess Celestia and more.

    Source 28
    More Than Just The Night

    Source 29

    Source 30
    The Great and Apologetic Trixie Lulamoon

    Source 31
    Sailor CMC

    Source 32
    Queen Chrysalis

    Source 33
    Aurora's Commission (with Shadowbolt's Suit)

    Source 34
    Apple something and Rari thing

    Source 35
    Lookin' for Sompony to Take you Under Their Wing?

    Source 36
    moon dreams

    Source 37
    Err... Scoots?

    Source 38
    Wallpaper: Applejack and Farm

    Source 39
    Slendercolt is cool :3

    Source 40
    [MLP] Game of Thrones

    Source 41
    The Light Prison

    Source 42

    Source 43
    Nyx colored work in progress part 2

    Source 44
    CM Apple Fritter and Flitter

    Source 45

    Source 46

    Source 47
    Doing what she does best

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