• Artisan Pony Crafts Compilation #7

    Every time I see one of these pony automatons I'm just blown away! It reminds me how I've never seen anything so elaborate or wonderful as these creations in any other fandom. I'm truly blown away at how creative everyone is!

    I swear, it gets harder and harder to choose a header image with each new compilation! Check out what I mean after the break.

    Source 1
    Rarity Dress Making

    Source 2
    Dancing Twilight Sculpt

    Source 3
    Custom Discord sculpture

    Source 4
    Vinyl Scrath Mini DJ Booth by Ardi Kaboderp

    Source 5
    Big Princess Luna Sculpture Day...COMPLETE!!!

    Source 6
    Alicorn Amulet Necklace

    Source 7
    Alicorn Amulet

    Source 8
    Rarity Handmade Custom Plushie Pillow

    Source 9
    Twilight Sparkle Read Poster Remake

    Source 10
    Evil Fluttershy Cross Stitch

    Source 11
    Applejack Quilt

    Source 12
    Big Macintosh Quilt

    Source 13
    Rainbow Dash Quilt

    Source 14
    Pinkie Pie Quilt

    Source 15
    Fluttershy Quilt

    Source 16
    Rarity Quilt

    Source 17
    Twilight Sparkle Quilt

    Source 18
    Tiara of the Crystal Princess

    Source 19
    Big Macintosh hat

    Source 20
    The Descent

    Source 21
    Loyalty Dash Fightick

    Source 22
    Most Powerful - White

    Source 23
    Crazy Twilight Sparkle OOAK

    Source 24
    SOARIN with removable goggles sculpture commission

    Source 25
    Shining Armor sculpture commission

    Source 26
    Twilight Sparkle Commission

    Source 27
    Band minus Octavia

    Source 28
    Playful Queen Chrysalis

    Source 29
    Woona (2/5 raffle winner)

    Source 30
    Filly Manehatten Applejack (Raffle Winner 3/5)

    Source 31
    Gala Fluttershy (Raffle winner 4/5)

    Source 32
    Roseluck With Watering can (Raffle Winner 5/5)

    Source 33
    Art Critic Rarity

    Source 34

    Source 35

    Source 36
    Filly Derpy

    Source 37 - Ardi
    Soaring Rainbow Dash

    Source 38 - Collin DUE
    Pony Library Extra

    Source 39
    Alicorn Amulet Papercraft


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