• Nightly Roundup #518

    Reading, reading, and more reading. It's that time of year again where the crunch is on to get some studying in and finish up some projects for school! Got to love the grind, right?

    Before my head explodes from thinking too much about this presentation I'm working on have some news!

    Ponibooru Film Night

    Copy Paste:

    New poster artist DaisyHead here. What do you get when you add Monty Python's Holy Grail, Star Wars (Liam Neeson inlcuded), The Never Ending Story,and Lord of the Rings?
    Ponibooru film night opens the holiday season by not doing anything holiday related whatsoever. We will be watching Krull. A movie set in Medieval times where a villain from the future comes to conquer the planet Krull. It's filled with walking, and campfire's, almost getting killed, a cyclops that knows when he will die, a crystal spider that can only be stopped once before it kills you, a glaive of mystical power, Clydesdales that move so fast fire erupts from their hooves and it's very own Great and powerful Trixie. 

        Hosts for the week include:
       Harlequinn Jester
       Feral Socks
       Starly might. i dont know
       Maybe Random Fanguy
       And not Deepermadness

        Times will be:  Friday the 7th  4:00pst/7:00est     Saturday the 8th midnight...england time. i dont know what it's called.

       Location of the Movie will be at a new location because we can't use the old one with deepermadness gone. 
        Said location will be here and kick off Ponibooru film night's first Derpibooru film night:  http://www.livestream.com/derpiboorumovienight?t=958481

    Japanese Pick Their Favorite Ponies!

    Quite awhile back an article popped up in Japan about the Japanese side of the fandom stating that their favorite ponies were Fluttershy, Big Mac, and Cheerilee. In response to the article, Japanese fans were baffled by these results and have decided to hold their own poll about who is top pony in the Land of the Rising Sun. The results of two of their most recent polls are in and can be viewed below along with a link to analysis by commentators and poll hosts.

    Overall Best Ponies
    Best of Main Six

    MMO-Champion Forum Nears One Million Posts

    I remember one of the big kick starts the fandom got in the early days was from it's spread on internet forums far and wide. Whether it be for gaming, picture sharing, Garry's Mod, whatever, there was always a pony thread to be found in the off topic section of each forum (and sometimes in the on topic forums as well). One such group of pony fans on MMO-Champion is nearing their one millionth post! Can you believe pony has come so far? Check below for some statistics and links.

    We are now approaching the millionth post, missing around 9500 at the time of writing. It’s likely we would reach it just after the coming weekend.
    The first thread was started 01:04 AM on the 27th of April 2011(GMT +1). We’ve come a long way since then. Averaging in at 1716 posts per day, that is little more than one post per second. The first thousand was hit after nine days, ten thousand after 37 days. Barely a month later, it reached 100.000. Now, over one and a half year from the first post, we’re reaching a million.

    There have been a lot of posters contributing to this. We have lost many of the older posters from the earlier threads, but we have also gained new ones.
    I would personally like to thank every one of them, and welcome old posters back for the occasion.
    Link to the spreadsheet
    First thread
    Current one


    Flankcaster - Episode 6

    In this episode the Flankcaster team (Formal Wolfie and SpringStingray) address music in Equestria along and int interview the renown StormWolf. Find out the secrets behind this musician’s wubs of glory in the sites largest episode yet.

    Episode Link

    Band of Bronies - Episode 7

    Copy Paste:

    Can't sleep after the episode?
    Well, it is daytime, but who cares!
    Watch us talk about stuff, stuff, and more stuff
    And maybe that FOB mustache contest where Dusty Katt, John De Lancie, Peter New, Lee Tockar, and Trevor Devall judged.
    Don't forget to tune in, Saturday, 11.30am EST, only on Everypony Radio


    Successful Meetups

    Tokyo, Japan Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    On chilly afternoon of Dec.2nd, 2012, we met up under the big horse
    statue of Kokyo Gaien National Garden Plaza, which is next to The
    Imperial Palace, Tokyo.
    9 showed up, not bad for the first time meetup.
    Then we went to the nearby restaurant for some food, warmth and
    chatting. Despite some language barrier issues, we got along very well.
    After that we moved to the dart lounge bar in the same building, which
    has great night view of Yurakucho area.
    In there, now with some alcohol, we had more chatting, discussions and
    fan art sketch exchanges. It was found out surprisingly high percentage
    of attendees are artists.
    In short, we all had lots of fun and renewed the interest to the
    wonderful show.
    We went home after the final 8-way cluster brohoof (sadly, one attendee
    had to leave earlier).

    so... I could safely say" I declare the first Japanese brony meetup a

    if you are interested to the next one, or got ideas of when/where,
    please contact me at stinken1 (twitter) or Ken Singshow (FB)


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Hearth's Warming Eve Charity Dinner!

    Copy Paste:

    Hearths Warming Eve Charity Dinner  January 26 2013 5pm to 11pm in Denver, Colorado.
    The dinner will be benefiting three charities ( Anti-Bullying, Military, Big Brothers Big Sisters) 

    Tickets are 15.00 a person and Donations may be fan-art* or monetary
    Further Details at HWE2013.ticketleap.com/charity 

    ** Fan-Art needs to be created on high quality material, as it will be auctioned off and spit between our benefiting charities.

    Discord Coming Lancaster, PA Anime Convention

    Copy Paste:

    Hey PA-area bronies! Zenkaikon, a Pennsylvania anime and sci-fi convention, will be celebrating their 7th year in 2013. Why post about an anime convention on Equestria Daily? Well, it might be of interest to local bronies that in September, Zenkaikon announced that John de Lancie (Discord) will be a guest at their convention!

    For anime fans, the convention also has a bunch of other guests, and a variety of panels, workshops, cosplay, contests, dances, artists, and more!

    Zenkaikon is being held March 22-24, 2013 at the Lancaster County Convention Center in Lancaster, PA.

    More info is available on their website: http://www.zenkaikon.com/


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Mare Do Well Patch
    Pony Christmas Stockings and Scarves