• Drawfriend Stuff #648

    I talked about unicorns the other day as wizards, now lets talk about pegasus as thieves and rogues!  See, I don't do a whole lot of normal Dungeons and Dragons myself.  I'm more of the Baldurs Gate/Icewind Dale fan. While my wizard/sorcerer is stopping time and ending/rebuilding the world, my rogue is sneaking around quintuple backstabbing things and setting piles of traps up.   It's less cool than opening a portal to the abyss and dragging demons out kicking and screaming with one hand while juggling meteors and mind controlling armies with the other, but that doesn't make it any less fun. I guess the thief technically could be doing the same... though it would be expensive and require stupid amounts of spell scrolls.   

    Have some art while I go finish off this BG EE thing!

    Source 1

    Source 2
    Celestia Silhouette Wall

    Source 3
    Cloudy with a chance of cuteness.

    Source 4
    Was there ever any doubt?

    Source 5
    above the horizon

    Source 6
    MLP - Festival

    Source 7
    Survivor Shy - Like Needles

    Source 8
    IT IS ON - Rarity

    Source 9

    Source 10
    Bravest Pony

    Source 11
    Game Derps: Side Quest - Preview

    Source 12

    Source 13
    Fan Art, my little pony

    Source 14

    Source 15
    Hearth's Warming Scenes - Pop goes the Angel

    Source 16

    Source 17
    Hard work

    Source 18
    Happy Hearth's Warming!

    Source 19
    Cider Night

    Source 20
    Friendship is Rivalry

    Source 21
    Flutterdash and Rainbow Shy

    Source 22
    burton X my little pony

    Source 23
    MLPxTF: Mmph

    Source 24
    Rainbow Dash gets all the mares

    Source 25
    Filly and Tortoise... Baby.

    Source 26
    Silly Fluttershy

    Source 27
    Scooty the red nosed pony.

    Source 28
    Pinkie pie speed painting

    Source 29
    Babs Seed

    Source 30
    ViFFeX's Album Art/Commission

    Source 31
    Fluttershy Snow Fun

    Source 32
    ''Everything I Touch Gets Ruined''

    Source 33
    Winter's Joy

    Source 34
    Cannon Ponies

    Source 35
    Pinkie Pie The Warrior

    Source 36
    she's twitching..

    Source 37
    Merry Eve!

    Source 38
    Buffalo Wings

    Source 39
    Another silly Fluttershy

    Source 40
    ViFFeX's Album Art/Commission

    Source 41
    Sombra's Milkshake

    Source 42
    Rainbow Crash

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