• Marathons Today - December 7th

    It's that time of the week! Can tonight's episode beat last weeks?! Only time will tell!

    Streams and Marathons can be found after the break! Go watch some pony. 

    Brony State

    What time is it? IT’S STREAMING TIME! And boy do we have some good ones for you all this weekend. First off on Friday, December 7th we’ll be streaming our regular movie night starting with the classic, Jurassic Park followed by the episode The Show Stoppers. After that we’ll see the comedy film Rat Race and Putting Your Hoof Down. Movie Night starts at 7PM EST so be sure to grab some snacks, pull up a chair and enjoy the show! The Euro Movie Night will be shown as always at 2PM EST on Saturday. Be there or Celestia will send you to the moon! Brony Movie Night Lottery Selection happens during intermission on Saturday! For more info, be sure to check the FAQ on our site :)

    This week for the Bronystate/Celestia Radio pre-show and post-show we have the staff of SillyFillyStudios, joining us, featuring Emichwan88, MEMJ0123 and HannahMayVA! They’ll talk about their thoughts on the season so far, favorite characters, and predictions and thoughts on the new episode. Pre-Show starts at 10:00AM EST followed by the live episode stream at 10:30 AM EST! Don’t miss out!



    Well last week went better than expected. Im glad that everything finally got cleared up for us. As always Filly Synchtube Mare-A-Thon will start at 4pm central.

    http://www.synchtube.com/r/filly   (main room)

    Rememeber, any room not listed above isn't ours and we will not be in there.
    Please contact the main room if there is a problem in the others.

    Brony Network

    Hey Guys we got a new line-up for you guys in store this weekend. Every friday night @ Midnight (EST) we start out with 5 hours of MLP:FIM mare-a-thon, randomize episodes with PMV'S (Pony Music Videos), then @ 6am (EST) its 2 Episodes of Doctor Who, then @ 8am (EST) it's 2 episodes Bill Nye The Science Guy, then @ 9am (EST) it's the Season 3 New Episode Pre-Show, catching you up to the latest season 3 episodes, then @ 10:30am (EST) is the New Episode of MLP:FIM, finally @ 11am is the entire day of MLP mare-a-thon, in order, beginning with season 1 episode 1 til sunday night. we hope to see you there ^^
    Friday @ Midnight MLP:FIM Mare-a-thon (randomize episodes with PMV'S)  
    6am: Doctor Who 
    8am: Bill Nye The Science Guy
    9am: Season 3 New Episode Pre-Show
    10:30am: New Episode-Season 3 Episode 6 
    11am: MLP:FIM Mare-a-thon (in order ALL DAY!!)    

    MLP Forums

    It's time for another movie night and pony marathon! We'll start the festivities at 4 PM EST with Up followed by Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs at 5:40 PM. After the movies, feel free to stick around for a marathon of seasons one and two beginning at 7:10 PM and lasting all the way through the night until the new episode airs at 10:30 AM, which we'll be streaming live.

    It all takes place at our official site, Equestria.tv

    Brony TV

    Bronytv is proud to bring you this weeks mare-a-thon for "Sleepless in Ponyville A.K.A Scootaloo Run". This week brings the staple of My Little Pony marathon, Friendship is Witchcraft, random PMV's and music all leading to this weeks episode, hope to see you there!


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